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Energy and Lymph4


Energy and lymph 4

There are ways of identifying any possible problems. For example, if there is any weakness in the shoulder muscle it may be that there is some problem connected with the lungs. To test for this, the patient sits upright with one arm raised to slightly below shoulder level and the other arm lower and out to the front.

The therapist grasps the patient’s upper arm and presses gently downwards on the raised arm at the elbow. If the muscle is functioning correctly then this downwards force should not be allowed to move the arm lower. If the patient is suffering from pain in the back, the probable cause lies with weak muscles in the stomach.

The test for this, patient sits on the floor with the knees raised, the arms crossed on the chest and then they lean backwards. The therapist checks the stomach muscles’ efficiency by pushing gently backwards on the patient’s crossed arms. If all is well the patient should be able to maintain the position and not lean back any further.

After treatment by massage of the pressure points, there may well be some tenderness experienced for one to two days as the toxins in the tissues dissipate gradually. However, there should be an overall feeling of an improvement in health and in particular with the problem that was being treated.

Although there has been an increase in the use of kinesiology by doctors to help discover the cause of an ailment, there has been little scientific research carried out. Therefore, the majority of doctors using conventional medicine do not believe that the flow of electrical energy present in the body can be changed by the use of massage or similar methods.

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