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Hearing aids are becoming necessary appendage in modern man’s life. It is a pity seeing so many young children and adolescents becoming hard of hearing day by day. Among the various pollutions, noise pollution affects people most. It is not uncommon a sight to see tiny tots wearing hearing aids. One of the common causes for this is the ear shattering noise produced by the modern day pop music, to which most youngsters willingly fall prey.

Ears, nose and throat afflictions are the troublesome trio having close link with each other. Most of the time if one is out of order the other duly suffers the consequences. Swallowing difficulty and pain in the throat aggravate the pain in the ear. Similarly infection and inflammation of the ear makes swallowing difficult. When you have a blocked nose, the ears too get blocked.

Hold! Do not blow so violently

Are you having a running nose and do you have the habit of blowing the nose violently? If you answer is yes, you are inviting ear troubles, because many cases of ear trouble are due to violent blowing of the nose. The back pressure owing to blowing the nose with force will get communicated to the middle ear to cause earache.

Inflammation of the middle ear is caused due to common cold, any injury, and foreign bodies of toxic origin. In common cold the germs spread from either throat or nose through the auditory tube to the ear. When the nose is blown, the infection is forced into the ear.

Middle ear inflammation is also caused as result of acute diseases like measles, mumps and some types of fevers. Ear wax getting hard inside causes aches and unless it is cleared ache persists. If the wax hardens further it results in partial deafness.

Enlarged tonsils and adenoids cause partial closure of the auditory tubes due to which defective hearing occurs in some children.

Except in cases of severe infections of complicated origin, ear ache yields to simple treatment at home.


Treatment for earache


  • Fomentation with hot water bag at the site of the pain.
  • If throat pain and swallowing difficulty are present, have a saline water gargle three-four times a day.

Matsyasana, Bhujangasana and Simhamudra.

Breathing exercise
All the exercises, especially exercise Nos. 7 and 8. (See page 191)

Household remedies

  • Warm a little juice extracted from onion and instill five to six drops in the ear two to three times a day till the wax softens and gets discharged.
  • Warm the juice of tulsi leaves slightly and instill four-five drops in the ear in case of mild infection with pain.
  • Extract juice from few garlic pieces and put four-five drops in the ear twice a day for deafness.
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