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Massage Basic techniques1


Basic techniques

Massage can be divided into four basic forms, and these are known as percussion (also known as drumming); friction (also called pressure); effleurage (also called stroking) and pertrissage (also called kneading). These methods can be practiced alone or in combination for maximum benefit to the patient.

Perussion (drumming or tapotement)

Percussion is also called tapotement, which is derived from tapoter, a French word that means ‘to drum’, as of the fingers on a surface. As would be expected from its name, percussion is generally done with the edge of the hand with a quick, chopping movement, although the strokes are nor hard. This type of movement would be used on places like the buttocks, thighs, waist or shoulders where there is a side expanse of flesh.

Friction (pressure)

Friction strokes are used to penetrate into deep muscle tissue. Friction is often sued on dancers and athletyes who experience problems with damaged ligaments or tendons. This is because the flow of blood is stimulated and the movement of joints is improved. Friction can be performed with the base of the hand, some fingers or the upper part of the thumb. It is not advisable to use this method on parts of the body that have been injured in some way, for example where there is bruising.

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