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Massage Do In


Do – in

Do-in (pronounced doe-in) is another ancient type of massage that originated in China. It is a technique of self –massage and, as in other forms of alternative therapy, it is believed that there is a flow of energy throughout the body that travels along ‘meridians’ and that each of these is connected to a vital organ such as the lungs, liver and heart. Do-in has a connection with shiatsu, and people of any age can participate, the only stipulation being that they are active and not out of condition. Clothing should not be tight or restrictive and adequate space is needed to perform the exercises.

If do-in is to be used as an invigorating form of massage, then the best time of day is as soon as possible after rising, but not after breakfast. After meals are the only times when do-in is to be avoided. It is generally recommended that people wishing to practise do-in should first go to classes so that when the exercises are done at home they are performed correctly. It is claimed that the use of do-in is preventive in nature since the vital organs are strengthened and therefore maintained in a healthy state.

Warming up

Before starting, it is best to do some warming-up exercises so that the body is not stiff. Begin by sitting on the ground with the knees up, grasp the knees and being a rocking motion forwards and backwards. Then sit up, again on the floor, position the legs as if to sit cross-legged but put the soles of the feet touching each other. Hold the toes for a short time. These two exercises should help to make the body more supple .


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