Massage Do In Pericardium

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Massage Do In Pericardium


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Spleen meridian

For the spleen meridian exercise, which is connected with the stomach, stand as near as possible in front of a wall. Place one hand palm-downwards high up the wall sop that there is a good stretching action and with the other hand grasp the foot that is opposite to the raised arm. The neck and head should be stretched backwards, away from the wall. Maintain this stretched position, inhale and exhale deeply twice and then relax. Repeat the procedure using the other arm and leg.

Bladder meridian

For the bladder meridian exercise, and thereby the kidneys, sit on the floor with the legs straight out in front and ensure that the toes are tensed upright. The arms should then be stretched above the head and a breath taken. After breathing out, bend forwards from the shoulders with the arms in front and hold the toes. Maintain this for the length of time it takes to breathe in and out three times. Repeat the procedure again

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