Face and head massage

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Face and head massage


Face and head massage

The following sequence encourages deep relaxation. Gentle stroking of the forehead (B) can help to relieve stress-related tension and headaches, while pressure applied to the sides of the nose and along the cheekbones (C) alleviates nasal congestion and sinus problems. Scalp massage (D) stimulates circulation.

Face and Head – A

Use alternate hands to stroke up one side of the face, starting beneath the chin and working up towards the forehead. Work through the same movement on the other side of the face. Repeat several times. Finish by placing one palm across your partner’s forehead, ready for the next stroke.

Face and head – B

Begin by stroking up the forehead with alternate palms. Then place the pads of the middle three fingers of both hands in the center of the forehead between the eyes. Draw them gently apart across the brow and round the outside corner of the eyes. Lift off the middle two fingers and use your fourth fingers only to return under the eyes towards the nose.

Face and head – C

Position your thumbs on your partner’s forehead. Using the three middle fingers of both hands, press firmly against the sides of the nose. Continue along the top of the cheekbone, until you reach the temple. Keeping your thumbs in position, return to the nose, pressing along the middle of the cheekbone.

Face and Head – D

Spread out the fingers and thumbs of both hands and place them on your partner’s scalp. Keep them in position and begin to move the scalp muscle over the bone by applying gentle pressure and circling slowly and firmly on the spot. Stop occasionally to move to a different area, then begin again, working gradually over the whole scalp.

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