The Massage Session

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The Massage Session


The massage session


A session may be undertaken in the patient’s home, or he or she can attend the masseur or masseuse at a clinic. At each session the client will undress, leaving only pants or briefs on, and will lie on a firm comfortable surface, such as a table that is designed especially for massage. The massage that follow normally lasts from 20 minutes to one hour.

If performed by professionals, massage is not a technique for the unduly modest. It achieves best results if the person receiving the massage is either naked or else dressed in the scantiest of underwear. For anyone who is competent and wishes to provide some simple massage for a partner, there are some basic rules to follow.

The room should be warm and peaceful. The surface on which the person lies should be quite comfortable but firm. Use a mid-thigh level table or the floor. A futon (a quilted Japanese mattress) can be used, and to relieve the upper part of the body from any possible discomfort, a pillow should be placed underneath the torso.

Any pressure that may be exerted on the feet can be dispelled by the use of a rolled-up towel or similar placed beneath the ankles. Both people should be relaxed, and to this end soft music can be played. All the movements of the hand should be of a continuous nature.

It is suggested that the recipient always has one hand of the masseur or masseuse placed on him or her. If you wish you can buy a perfumed massage oil from a chemist or health shop, or mix your own using a blend of aromatherapy oils. Vegetable oil (about on teaspoonful) is suitable but should not be poured straight on to the person. It should be spread over the hands by rubbing, which will also warm it sufficiently for use. Should the masseur or masseuse get out of breath, he or she should stop for a rest, all the while retaining a hand on the person.

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