Polarity Therapy Treatment Touch and manipulation

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Polarity Therapy Treatment Touch and manipulation

Polarity Therapy

The Treatment

Touch and manipulation

Touch and manipulation are used by the therapist to detect any stoppages in the flow of energy along the channels, which are believed to be the reason for disorders. It is said that by the use of pressure, of which there are three sorts, the therapist is able to restore the flow of energy. Neutral pressure is gentle and calming and only the tips of the fingers are used. Positive Pressure is the use of manipulation over the whole of the body with the exception of the head. Negative pressure is the use of a firmer and deeper manipulation and touch.

Mental attitude

Mental attitude is the fourth procedure, and basically this encourages people to have a more positive view on all aspects of their lives. This is achieved by talking or counseling sessions, and it is believed that a negative view of things can make a person more susceptible to having an ailment. A positive attitude is regarded as being essential for harmony in the body and mind.

Polarity therapy is claimed to be of some benefit to all people who are ill, although it does not concentrate on a particular set of symptoms but is more concerned with the overall aspect of the patient’s health and the achievement of internal harmony and balance. For the therapy to work successfully, each patient has to believe in it completely and be prepared to carry out the practitioner’s instructions with regard to diet, exercises, and so on.

It is, of course, always advisable to make sure that any therapist is fully qualified before beginning treatment. At the first consultation, the patient will be required to give a complete case history to the therapist, who will then assess the flow of energy through the body and also check on its physical make-up. Reflexes such as the knee-jerk reflex are tested, and any imbalances or blockages in the energy channels are detected by the reflex and pressure point testing. If there is a stoppage or imbalance of the flow, this will be manifested by some physical symptoms. One way in which it is believed a patient can help to speed the restoration of health is by remembering and concentrating on any thoughts, feelings or pictures in the ‘mind’s eye’ that happen while a particular area is being treated.

The patient should also have knowledge of the body’s ability to heal itself. If a patient is receiving treatment on a painful knee joint, for example, he or she should focus attention on that part of the body whilst being receptive to any feelings that occur. It is believed that if the patient is aware of the overall condition, as a complete person and not just the physical aspect, this will encourage restoration of health. It is possible that a patient will need to keep details of all food consumed to enable the practitioner to detect any harmful effects, and a ‘fruit and vegetable’ diet may be advised (as described previously). It may be that the patient has some habit, view or manner of life that is not considered conducive to good health. It this is the case, the patient would be able to take advantage of a counseling service in order to help make a change. Other alternative therapies such as the use of herbal medicine may be used to effect a cure.

Polarity therapy has much in common with other eastern remedies that have the common themes of contemplation, exercise, touch or pressure, and diet and that can give much improvement. However, it is recommended that an accurate medical analysis of any condition is found in the first instance.

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