Reiki Determining the need

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Reiki Determining the need


Determining the need


When undertaking Reiki therapy it is often necessary to determine the need for therapy in the client or partner. As therapists work with Reiki for longer, they become more sensitive and proficient and are better able to judge problem areas on what is called the subtle plane (the etheric body).

Expertise comes only with experience, but it seems that there are certain reactions or feelings detected which may be indicative. Before trying to perceive a person’s need, some practitioners ‘sensitise’ their hands. This involves holding the palms facing, about 40 to 50 cm apart and slowly bringing them together. The movement should be spread out over four or five minutes to allow and attunement and for changes to be perceived.

The following are some possible responses that may be experienced :

• Attraction – implies that Reiki energy is needed at that point.

• Repulsion – suggests a long-established blockage is present which is restricting the flow of energy. This may require a considerable period of therapy to rectify.

• Flow – a positive feeling representing the flow of life energy which will be enhanced by further Reiki energy, raising the entire system.

• Heat – if your hands feel warmer, it signifies a need for life energy. If the whole body produces such a result, Reiki energy can be applied anywhere.

• Cold – this is probably due to a blockage in energy flow such that an area of the body has been deprived of energy. Such blockages may also require considerable attention and both whole-body and specific treatment will probably be required.

• Tingling – an inflamed area will usually produce a tingling in the hand of the therapist. The strength of the stimulus reflects the severity of the problem and additional help from a medical practitioner may be identified as being necessary.

• Pain – this usually represents a buildup of energy in some form. A sharp pain reflects that the energy is beginning to dissipate and in so doing is causing some conflict elsewhere in the system. In this case, whole-body therapy is beneficial before concentrating upon a particular area.

There are other methods to determine need and identify disruptions in the flow of life energy, but these are, in the main, for the more experienced practitioner. However, details can be found in a variety of publications and involve pendulum dowsing, activity of the charkas and the use of systems such as tarot or I Ching. These latter two, however, are not for novices.

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