The root chakra

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The root chakra


The root chakra

This is the source of strength and is essential for proper development. The other centres of energy rely upon the root chakara to perform properly. Disorders within the root chakras may result in mental problems (e.g. aggression, confusion ) of physical symptoms (e.g. of the intestines, excretory systems, or bones).

The sexual chakra

This is highly influential and governs sensual and sexual factors, the means whereby experiences are felt and registered. Blockages result in a variety of phobias or conditions such as a fear of being touched, a general incomprehension or a\an a\obsessive cleanliness, Physical manifestations may include being prone to infections, or problems with the kidneys/ bladder or lymphatic system.

The personality chakra

This is also called the solar plexus chakra, this is the power center and focus of personal freedom or, conversely, feelings of guilt. Mental consequences of a blockage might be anxiety about how others perceive you, envy or selfish greed. Physically there could be digestive disorders, liver and gall bladder problems or disorders of the pancreas.

The heart chakra

The effectively controls self-acceptance and by extension everyone else around us. Blockages may result in attitudes such as selfishness or emotional blackmail. Physical manifestations could be disorders of the lungs and heart, and circulatory problems.

The expressive chakra

The expressive chakra (or throat chakra) controls overall self-expression, whether it is language or gesture. An upset in this center could well result in an individual who becomes dictatorial while the physical signs could be growth problems, or a muscular tension leading to a lack of vocal control.

The knowledge chakra

Otherwise known as the forehead chakra or Third Eye, this is the focus of intuition, the perception of truth which enables a person to find their own course through life. Accordingly, a blockage of this chakra will culminate in a haphazard approach to life, and probably an inability to settle down to any one task for any length of time.

The crown chakra

It is generally felt that the seventh, crown, chakra is appreciated only by experience and it depends upon the other six for its development.

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