Higher levels of Reiki

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Higher levels of Reiki


Higher levels of Reiki

Although it is possible to progress beyond the level of proficiency implied so far, second and third degree Reiki are really for the experts. This is particularly so with third degree Reiki, the details of which are not written down.

Available power is increased with second degree Reiki but should only be accessed by someone working with a Reiki master. The greater flow of energy means that the effect of Reiki therapy is greater and also its effect on a mental and emotional level is enhanced. Further, it is said that Reiki at this level can be transmitted over distances, tone or a number or people. This is, of course, highly specialized and advice should be sought from a Reiki master by anyone wishing to pursue this goal.


In Japanese, do means path, hence Reiki-do is concerned with a way of life in which Reiki figures very prominently. Reiki-do is of course, founded on the Reiki therapy described in the preceding pages and it consists of three aspects which enable personal growth. The three categories of Reiki-do are:

• Inner – based upon meditation as described earlier, and can be augmented by one of the methods outlined, such as the scents of aromatherapy. It adopts a whole-body system of treatment leading to a greater awareness and vitality.

• Outer – the application of Reiki energy forms the basis of this part of Reiki-do, with the chakras, crystals and other subsidiary therapies.

• Synergistic – as the word implies, this is the combination of parts which have, when used together, a greater effect than their combined individual effects ; that is a merger of inner and outer Reiki-do which exceeds the anticipated combined effect. It is particularly appropriate for anyone who has reasonable experience in this therapy and can appreciate the nonexclusive nature of pleasure and success.


Reiki is a technique of healing available to anyone. It can lead to a more relaxed approach to life and greater harmony with the total environment. It can also be applied to plants and animals, for example your household pets, and for this and further information about the therapy, the reader is advised to seek more detailed treatments.

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