Positions in Reiki therapy

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Positions in Reiki therapy


Positions in Reiki therapy

The hands are clearly the ‘instruments’ of healing in Reiki and although the position in which they are placed on the recipient is meaningful, it may not be possible, nor is it essential that the exact position is copied. Just placing the hands on the appropriate part of the body will suffice.

Reiki can be effected through clothing, as the energy will flow just as well, but many people prefer to have no material obstacles to the therapy. In this case, and particularly for partners, the Reiki can be undertaken in the nude. If there are any physical blemishes such as a burn or other wound, the hands should be held a few inches above the skin at this area, around the corresponding acupuncture point, or reflex zone.

The head

On the head, the basic position is shown on page 121. The hands are placed either side of the nose, with the palms covering the eyes; the thumbs rest by the bridge of the nose and the fingertips cover the cheeks and reach the upper lip. This arrangement covers the sinuses, eyes, pituitary gland, teeth and is useful for dealing with clods, sinusitis, eye complaints, allergies, fatigue and general discontent.

In the second arrangement for the head, the hands are placed over the ears, with the fingertips extending down the jawline to the neck, encompassing the ears of course which includes the semicircular canals, responsible for balance. The effect also extends to the pharyngeal area. Diseases and problems of the organs – colds, trouble with balance, hearing loss, etc – are dealt with in this arrangement.

If the hands are placed on the back of the head, this helps with conditions such as headaches, colds, asthma and circulatory problems. It generally promotes relaxation.

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