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Reiki Positions3


Positions in Reiki therapy 3

The back

There are a number of arrangements which can be adopted on the back and lower back. Such position with a number of effects but it is likely that by gently experimenting, a slightly different yet equally beneficial arrangement can be found. Here the hands are placed across the shoulder blades at mid to upper point, to influence the intestines, lung, heart and various muscles in the neck and shoulder region. This will help lung and heart diseases, muscular tension, headaches and related conditions.

If the hands are placed lower down the back, around the midriff (on the lower ribs) this position will accommodate the kidneys and adrenal glands. (The adrenal glands are situated one each on the upper surface of each kidney and are important because they manufacture hormones that control a variety of body functions, e.g. adrenaline is one hormone produced).

In addition to these specific positions, there are many other Reiki positions to deal with the multitude of complaints and the reader is referred to a more extensive account for greater detail. It must always be remembered that serious conditions or diseases of a particular nature should be dealt with by the appropriate specialist.

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