The practicalities of chakras with Reiki

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The practicalities of chakras with Reiki


The practicalities of chakras with Reiki

This is quite a complicated aspect of Reiki and to develop it as an integral part of a programme of Reiki, the reader should seek a more extensive treatment of the subject. Some information is, however presented here by way of introduction.

Some therapists use the technique of balancing chakras to completely attune the energy on the subtle plane. The chakras are paired first with sixth, second with fifth and third with fourth by placing the hands on the relevant areas. When it feels through the hands as if the energy is balanced with the first and sixth chakras, then the second and fifth can be balanced in the same way. Other combinations may be used if it is felt that these may be beneficial.

The chakras may suffer a number of problems creating an imbalance and although considerable corrective therapy may be required, a balance can be achieved with Reiki. Many practitioners recommend sending Reiki energy through a problematic chakra. This involves placing one hand at the front of the body above the chakra, and the other hand at the front of the body above the chakra, and the other hand at the back of the body.

The flow of Universal Life Energy eventually corrects any defects. However, it is important to remember that due to the interconnection of the chakras, defects in one affect the whole system. Therefore the healing cannot be undertaken in isolation. It is always good practice to balance the chakras after a session of specific healing.

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