Reiki Treatment

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Reiki Treatment


The Treatment

Effects and Limitations

There are several interrelated effects that result from taking in Reiki energy :

• it enables the universal life energy to be received ;

• it creates a feeling of deep relaxation;

• energy blockages are removed allowing a flow of life energy throughout the body;

• toxins of various sorts are removed; these and other waste products are removed from the       system much more quickly.

When the toxins have been removed from the body, more energy can be received and the vital processes and functions become more highly tuned. When the body takes in more and more life energy, it is said that its frequency becomes higher, facilitating contact with the Universal Spirit and generating trust in the universal life energy.

Deep relaxation is central to Reiki therapy and this is very much dependent upon the divine quality attributed to the energy. The extent to which Reiki can work is defined by the receiver of the energy because only the necessary amount of energy is drawn in. A refusal to accept Reiki, whether or not it is made consciously, will result in no energy flowing. This is, in a way, one limitation of Reiki, albeit self-imposed. It should also be appreciated that attitude is very important and if someone attempts to use Reiki in the wrong way, it will not work. Self-discovery must go hand in hand with everyday experience of real life and it is not possible to hide from the troubles of the real world through misplaced introspection.

A qualified therapist in the appropriate discipline must be sought to deal with major problems and difficulties. Of course, adopting Reiki in tandem with another therapy will be very beneficial as the Reiki will maximize the treatment being received. This applies where the therapist is a homeopath, naturopath or medic.

The use of whole-body Reiki

Because no one part of the body exists independently, and because a disease or disorder in one area will inevitably affect the whole body, the use of Reiki is best applied in a whole-body way, to cleanse and revitalise the complete system.

Many practitioners undertake a particular routine before commencing a regime of whole-body treatment and the main elements are briefly described.

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