The Benefits of whole-body Reiki 1

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The Benefits of whole-body Reiki 1


The Benefits of whole-body Reiki 1

A Reinforcing Effect

It is believed with Reiki, as with many similar forms of therapy, that the body cannot be treated in separate parts or as discrete organs that have little or nothing to do with other parts of the body. There are many conditions and diseases that affect the wellbeing of the individual as a whole or have a knock –on effect even though the symptoms may be less tangible, such as anxiety or depression.

It is thus important that Reiki is used not just to counteract a particular symptom, but to treat the whole body to achieve the relaxation mentioned earlier and with it the removal of blockages in energy flow and the dispersal of toxins.

Long-term whole-body Reiki should be adopted in all cases, and in a therapy session of 60 to 90 minutes all parts of the body will be addressed and receive Reiki energy. Over a period of time, the general condition of the body is restored and the energy channels are opened to allow the body to deal properly and naturally with both stress and the buildup of toxins.

In cases of recovery from illness, Reiki therapy provides the additional energy to bolster recovery and will reinforce the effects of any other method of natural healing. It can be used as a supplementary therapy almost as a general, ongoing, policy as it is a truly complementary system of treatment.

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