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Eyes are one of the most abused organs in our body thanks to the television. It is unfortunate to see so many youngsters wearing spectacles, necessitated no doubt due to watching the tube from unnatural positions and at very close quarters.

Why we should rise from bed before dawn

Persons who go to bed early and wake up before sunrise, have a fairly better eye sight than those who wake after sun rise and go to bed late in the night. The advantage of rising from bed early morning before dawn in that our eyes do not have to open in the sudden brightness of dawn. When it is still dark the eyes slowly get adjusted to the transition of darkness to light. Whereas, when we open the eyes after sun rise, the eyes do not have sufficient time for accommodating the sight to this transition gradually. It is sudden. The focus on sudden brightness immediately after the darkness is harmful to the eyes. Most refractive errors are thus casued.
Natural and artificial

Our eyes are designed to accommodate the sight to objects at far distance and in natural light. In today’s life we are forced to view things at close distance. Reading or working under tube lights and other electrical lights, and viewing television till late in night, tire the eyes. All these seem unavoidable in today’s life. If we develop the habit of going to bed at a reasonable time without prolonged exposure to artificial lights and short distance viewing our eye sight will be better preserved.

Nature has provided built-in safeguards to protect our eyes from any damage. The eyelids are natural windshield wipers. The lacrimal glands produce moisture in the form of tears to flush the dirt and dust from the eyes. The tears contain lysozyme, a protective agent, to protect the eyes from infectious bacteria.

Throughout one’s life the eyes are subject to a variety of disorders, the most common among them being blepharitis or inflammation of the eyes. Blepharitis is caused by allergy, inadequate diet and excess dandruff of the scalp. The eyes itch and burn excessively. Sticky secretions force the eyelashes to get glued together.

Conjunctivitis is a form of inflammation of the conjunctiva, a moist membrane that covers the white of the eyes. Swelling under the surface of the white portion, redness and watery discharge that contains mucus are its main symptoms. Severe burning and smarting sensation are felt in the eyes and light becomes intolerable. Conjunctivitis is a contagious epidemic.

Conjunctivitis in chronic form occurs when the general health condition is poor due to alcoholic drinks and allergies.

Chronic conjunctivitis associated with profuse discharge is caused in continuation of acute conjunctivitis, chronic inflammation of the tear duct, sleeplessness and over-indulgence in alcoholic drinks and other stimulants.

The condition in which the lens of the eyes progressively become opaque, is known as cataract is a disorder generally of the old age. However, it can in some young persons follow an eye injury. Those who have diabetes are prone to get cataract whatever their age may be.
In order to keep one’s eyes healthy, few minutes a day must be devoted for its cleansing and exercises. Even during diseased conditions, these measures help overcome serious disorders which otherwise need drastic measures such as surgery. With eye culture exercises, hydrotherapy and adequate fresh food, even refractive errors and other visual disorders can be prevented when followed very scrupulously and regularly.

Care of eyes

Wash the eyes using eye washing glass twice daily. Wash them after watching television, before retiring to bed, as you come home after a long tiring day outdoors, and also after reading for a considerable time at a stretch.

Method of washing the eyes

Take thick towel, rub the face with friction closing the eyes for two minutes and then wash using the eye-glass. Do this at least once in a day.

Fill the eye washing glass with pure water and cup the eyes in it. Blink inside the water 15 to 20 times. (In the absence of an eye washing glass your palm can be cupped for the purpose.) Throw away the water and refill the glass with some more fresh water and wash once again. Repeat the same with the other eye.

Do not watch television unblinkingly.

Exercises for the eye
Do the following Eye Culture Exercises regularly to prevent and cure any disorder of the eyes:

  • After attending to the call of nature, wash the eyes in the eye washing glass, opening and shutting the eyes under cold water.
  • Practice deliberate blinking for five full minutes any time of the day.
  • Squeeze gently under the eyes before going to sleep. Roll the eyes in the socket clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Though there are a series of eye exercises to improve eyesight, for all types of vision disorders, to correct refractive errors and do away with glasses, the selective exercises given below are sufficient to benefit one and all.

Sit comfortably in a chair in front of a table and stay relaxed. Close your eyes. Cup your right palm and shield the right eye with it. Cup your left palm and cover the left eye with it. Let the fingers of both the hands meet on the forehead. Rest the elbows on the table and keep yourself completely relaxed. Look only at the darkness without opening the eyes. See fig. 6. Let your mind also relax for some time. Sit like this for ten full minutes.

You must increase the time up to twenty minutes if the problems appears to be chronic.
Though it may seem inconceivable, palming definitely corrects refractive errors effectively and helps reduce the number of the glasses if practiced thrice a day, regularly.

Keep the head erect and relaxed. See fig. Nos. 7,8,9 & 10. Move the eyeballs up and down effortlessly in a slow motion allowing the gaze to go up and down to the maximum level. Do this four to five times and relax for a while. Repeat and relax a few more times. Do this exercise at least thrice a day.

Move the eyeballs from left to right allowing them to go as far as they can. Do this four to five times and repeat after relaxing for a few seconds.

When Rahul Ahuja followed these eye exercises regularly for six months not only did the number of his glasses reduce from P8 to P5 but other discomforts like blurred vision, eye strain and pain totally vanished.

Oscillating or swinging exercise
Stand with the legs slightly apart; fold your hands at the back. Swing the trunk along with your head from right to left without moving the legs. Do not move your eyeballs as you swing. You will be looking at the objects around you without fixing your gaze at any particular place. Do this swinging exercise at least for ten minutes twice a day.

Om Prakash Sharma, an old patient, recovered completely from cataract after changing his food habits and doing regular eye washing and other exercises. There are countless persons who have benefited by safe and natural methods.

Treatment for eye disorders

Household remedies

To improve eyesight, soak four or five almonds overnight. Next morning grind it to a paste using the same water in which it was soaked. Take this paste after meals regularly for a few months. Bananas, carrots, coconuts, all fresh vegetable especially drumsticks, cauliflower and almonds are beneficial in eye disorders.


Include natural uncooked food compulsorily
Fresh Fruits – Apples, grapes, orange, plums, cherries, pine-apples, papaya – any one or more.
Green Vegetables – Cabbage, Palak, methi and other leafy vegetables, mooli, vegetable juices.
Root Vegetables – Potatoes, carrots, beetroot, onion.
Nuts and dry fruits : Walnuts (akrot), date (khajur), raisins (kishmish), figs (anjeer).
Dairy food – Milk (without ghee).
Cooked food – Chapatis (without ghee).
Avoid : White sugar as much as possible but include honey.

All commercial food like tinned, processed food, jam, ketchup, jelly, instant food, other fast food and junk food, over fried vegetables, pickles, cold drinks, ice creams, cakes, pastries, sweets made out of sugar and ghee, maida and besan. But sweets made of jaggery (gur) can be taken.

Matsyasana, Yogamudra and Simhamudra.
Daily start the exercises with the determination that you ARE GOING TO IMPROVE THE SIGHT AND DISCARD THE GLASSES. Have faith and patience.
Splash cold water fifteen to twenty times, three times a day.
Euphrsia eye drops [Homoeopathic medicine] –three to four drops in water boiled and cooled, for washing the eye.

Additional exercises
1. Hold up the index finger of the right hand about 8 inches in front of the eyes, then look from the finger to any large object ten feet away. Look from one to the other ten times rapidly and rest for one second. Repeat this.

2. Hold a pencil or the index finger touching the nose. Move it straight as far as your hand can stretch without taking your eyes off it. Do it slowly. Bring it back to touch the nose again. Repeat for ten times. Rest for a while and repeat once again.

3. Rotate the neck clock-wise and anti-clock-wise.

4. Allow the morning sunrays to fall on the closed eye lids for three to five minutes.

After doing the exercises place a piece of cold wet cloth on the closed eye lids for two minutes.

Spare at least half an hour every day for eye care.

Miss Shubhangi aged 24 years was a victim of sewere nutritiomnal deficiencies especially that of vitamin A. She is the 9th child of her parents. At the very tender age of 5 she was faced to wear spectacles. due to severe evening blindness. Reading and writing became difficult. The number of her glass then was -5 and -5.1 in her right and left eyes respectively. During her adolescence the number kept increasing up to -9. Changing the glasses frequent eye tests did not prove any good.

Her vision kept deteriorating. She underwent a treatment called “Cryopercy” to correct a hole found in her left retina. Her gaze was unsteady. The eye balls lacked the luster and brightness. She needed some one’s aid to move about outside or on road after dusk. She was undernourished, weighing only 35 KG when she came to me in the month of February 1994 for improving her eye sight through natural treatment. At that time her spect’s numbers was -15 and -16 in the right and left eyes respectively. I decided to take her case and help restore her vision.

She was advised not to watch television for two months and not to study in the night. Exercises, sun treatment and diet were prescribed. She is a school teacher, hence hard rules regarding diet was not possible to the full extent. She had aversion to many food items too. But she was regular otherwise. Perhaps it may be hard to believe that natural treatment restores correct vision without the help of glasses. Her family members including her parents were and still are not able to reconcile to the idea of her undergoing such treatment mostly because modern laser treatment and attractive contact lenses and other luxurious outlay are nil in this treatment. But no one can deny the fact that the girl is steadily improving and in a course of less than two months, she has already discarded here glasses having power of -15 and -16 and also her -9 spects which she had preserved with her. The progress is steady and outstandingly visible. All this despite the fact that she has not been able to follow the total natural diet prescribed to her.

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