The Benefits of whole-body Reiki 2

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The Benefits of whole-body Reiki 2


The Benefits of whole-body Reiki 2

Reduction of side-effects

It is well-known that the use of drugs to combat say, an infection may at first seem very effective. However, it is becoming all too obvious that the excessive use of drugs is causing its own problems. In the case of many drugs, uncomfortable, distressing and even threatening side-effects can ensue.

With antibiotics, there is now the problem of drug resistance in bacteria, leading to situations where hospital patients are vulnerable to infections from so-called superbugs or killer bugs. This has resulted specifically from the overuse of antibiotics and has reached the point where hospitals now have only one or two very powerful drugs to use in these circumstances.

Reiki therapy can be very useful adjunct for anyone taking a course of drugs. It can help reduce some side effects and generally aid the body in recovery when the course has been completed. Post operative recovery will benefit from Reiki and it can also help after chemotherapy. In all these cases Reiki therapy supplies that extra life energy, enabling the body to bounce back more quickly from the burdens or surgery and chemicals.

In some cases, use of Reiki therapy after an operation will lessen pain and the natural healing processes will be accelerated. The key in all these examples is that the Reiki therapy must be undertaken on a regular basis. The added benefit of this is that when a person is enjoying good health, the regular therapy increases the body’s inbuilt defences which manifests itself as a confidence and outward harmony in dealing with everyday events. It also bestows a greater ability to deal with stressful situations.

This very positive outlook can become possible because once the blockages and toxins have been removed from the system, the scope for personal advancement and growth becomes available. In general, the better metabolic functioning afforded by Reiki therapy means that benefits and improvements may be experienced in many ways.

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