The practicalities of whole-body Reiki

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The practicalities of whole-body Reiki


The practicalities of whole-body Reiki

Before the treatment

There is great scope for variation in the number and sequence of positions used for whole-body treatment. It will depend greatly upon the practitioner and what is felt to be best for the recipient, but no one sequence can be deemed the best one for all. It is important to be certain that your client/partner is not suffering from any illness or condition that might require the attention of another health professional. Reiki has its particular used but it is unwise to try to address problems that clearly fall beyond its scope. The client can easily ask advice from their doctor, or other professional, as to whether they should undergo Reiki therapy.

When it is clear that therapy can go ahead the next commitment to be made is that of time. It is essential that both parties agree to pledge the time to make the most of the Reiki therapy. It is likely that the practitioner will, in acting as a channel for the universal life energy, see their own status develop.

The extent of each session of Reiki will vary depending upon circumstances and the individual receiving treatment. Certain positions may be better left out of the sequence or therapy may be focused on a particular area to help relieve blockages or deal with tension. If the recipient is currently on a regime of medication then a shorter session may be appropriate.

Similarly, if dealing with a small child or an elderly or infirm person, it is probably wise to limit the therapy to a session of 15 to 20 minutes. In all cases the Reiki practitioner should be sensitive to and aware of the condition, needs and wellbeing of the recipient.

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