Preparing for whole body

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Preparing for whole body


Preparing for whole-body Reiki

It is a good idea to prepare thoroughly for Reiki treatment to capitalize fully upon the beneficial effects. The following is a possible routine :

Remove jewellery

Most people wear jewellery of some description, whether stones of a semiprecious or precious nature, metal rings or chains, leather thongs or one of a whole variety of objects. Some metals and stones are believed to attract energies which may interfere with the life energy of Reiki. Other items such as watches create a closed circuit which reduces the flow of life energy.

In a way, items of jewellery can be seen as objects which create interference in the ‘signal’ in much the same way that an engine or motor can generate annoying interference in the reception of a radio programme. Earrings can also be a problem because in the case of pierced ears the earrings conflict with the flow of energy – the ear is very important in other therapies such as acupuncture and must therefore be kept unencumbered.

Wash hands

The benefits of washing your hands are twofold. Firstly, there is the physical effect of cleaning which has the additional quality of making the hands pleasant to feel for the recipient of Reiki. It is essential that hot, sticky hands are not used in Reiki as this would hardly be conducive to the state of relaxation being sought.

The second benefit relates to the aura surrounding the body. This aura may be affected by contact with objects, people, etc over the course of the day and washing removes such influences which could, in sensitive people, have and adverse effect.

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