Preparing for whole-body Reiki 2

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Preparing for whole-body Reiki 2


Preparing for whole-body Reiki 2

Say a prayer

It is helpful at this stage to recite a short prayer asking for healing and to concentrate upon and acknowledge your aims, self-perception and those of the person upon whom your hands will be placed.

Even out the aura

This is a means of gently making contact and starting the therapy, and may be carried out as follows :

• your partner / client / friend should lie down

• sitting at their side put your left hand on your sacrum

• with your right hand held about 15-25 cm (6-9) inches above the body and palm facing down, move your hand along the length of the body from the head to the toes

• return the hand to the starting point using a circular motion along the side of the body

• repeat this three or four times

This process can be repeated after the Reiki therapy when your left hand can be placed on the sacrum of your partner / client / friend.


When each Reiki therapy session is complete the whole body may be energized via the root chakra. The hand is held vertically above the body and then quickly moved from the pelvis to the head.

These preparatory rituals should only be performed when they are perceived to have some significance. There is little point going through the procedures if you do not see the reason why, but clearly some aspects of the procedure can be understood easily and will be accepted readily by the recipient.

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