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Shiatsu Energy


Energy or ki


There are believed to be a number of auras, or energy layers, that surround the physical body and can be detected or appreciated. The first layer, the etheric body, is the most dense and is connected with the body and the way it works. An exercise is described later that enables this layer to be detected. The astral body is much wider, is affected by people’s feelings and, if viewed by a clairvoyant, is said to change in colour and shape depending on the feelings being experienced. The next aura is the mental body, which is involved with the thought processes and intelligence of a person. Similarly, this can be viewed by a clairvoyant and is said to contain ‘pictures’ of ideas emanating from the person.

These first three auras comprise the personality of a person. The last aura is known as the causal body, soul or higher self. This is concerned more with perceptive feelings and comprehension. It is believed in reincarnation that the first three auras die with the body, but the causal body carries on in its process of development by adopting another personality. As a person grows in maturity and awareness, these different auras are used, and energy is passed from one layer to another. It therefore follows that nay alteration in the physical state will, in turn, affect the other layers, and vice versa.

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