Seven Centres Energy

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Seven Centres Energy


Seven centres of energy, or charkas

It is believed that there are seven main charkas (a chakra being a center or energy) found in a midline down the body, from the top of the head to the bottom of the torso. They are situated along the sushumna, or spiritual channel, which runs from the crown of the head to the base of the trunk.

Energy enters the channel from both ends. Since the flow is most efficient when the back is straight, this is the ideal posture for meditation or when powers of concentration are required. Each chakra has a component of each aura, and it comprises what is known as a center of consciousness. Each aura is activated as a person develops, and the same occurs with the chakras, beginning with the lowest (the base or root chakra) and progressing to the other with time. There is also a change of energy between the auras of each chakra.

The crow chakra is concerned with the pineal gland, which controls the right eye and upper brain and affects spiritual matters. The ajna, brow or forehead chakra also known as the Third Eye, is linked with the pituitary gland, which controls the left eye, lower brain, nose and nervous system. It has an effect on the intellect, perception, intuition and comprehension.

The throat or expressive chakra is concerned with the thyroid gland and governs the lymphatic system, hands, arms, shoulders, mouth, vocal cords, lungs and throat. It affects communication, creativity and self-expression. The heart chakra is concerned with the thymus gland and controls the heart, breasts, vagus nerve and circulatory system, and affects self-awareness, love, humanitarian acts and compassion.

The solar plexus or personality chakra is concerned with the pancreas. It controls the spleen, gall bladder, liver and digestive system and stomach, and has an effect on desire, personal power and the origin of emotions. The sacral or sexual chakra affects the gonads and controls the lower back, feet legs and reproductive system. This affects physical, sexual and mental energy, relationships and self-worth. The base or root chakra is concerned with the adrenal glands.

It controls the skeleton, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, bladder and kidneys, and affects reproduction and the physical will. As an example of this, if a person is suffering from an ailment of the throat, it is possible that he or she may also be unable to voice private thoughts and feelings.

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