Yoga Treatment4 The Plough

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Yoga Treatment4 The Plough


The Treatment 4

The plough

Lie on your back, arms by your sides, palms down. Slowly raise your legs and trunk off the floor. Supporting your hips with both hands, bring your legs slightly over your head. Keep your legs as straight as possible. Supporting your back with both hands, continue lifting your legs up and over your head until the toes come to rest on the floor behind your head. Only when you are quite comfortable in the position, release the hold on your back and place your arms flat on the floor.

Hold only for ten seconds in he beginning. After your body becomes accustomed to this position, you may hold it longer. Very slowly unroll your body to the starting position. Relax.

The plough helps to reinvigorate the entire nervous system, removing fatigue, listlessness and exhaustion. It is of particular benefit to the pancreas and endocrine glands.

The forward bend

Make sure you are well warmed up before attempting this posture. Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, knees very straight. Inhale and stretch your arms above your head. Exhale and very slowly and smoothly bend forward from the kips (not from the waist) to grasp your toes. If at first this seems difficult, clasp instead your ankles, calves, or knees. It is important that your legs remain straight.

Continue to bend forward and down, aiming to touch your knees with your head. Hold for at least ten seconds and observe your breath. Release your hold and very slowly unroll your spine, returning to a sitting position. Repeat twice.
The forward bend slows the respiratory rate to produce a calm and relaxed state of mind. It also increases the suppleness of the spine and improves blood circulation – which helps to regenerate the abdominal organs and improve digestion.
abdominal organs and helps to relieve digestive problems and correct kidney malfunctions.

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