Moringa Yogurt Curry – A Healthy Dish for Blood Pressure

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Moringa Yogurt Curry – A Healthy Dish for Blood Pressure

We all know that pure Moringa tree leaves offer a variety of health benefits; but can you believe that these leaves can treat at least 300 diseases?

Here, let’s check out how to prepare a healthy dish to lower blood pressure. “Moringa Yogurt Curry”

Consuming Moringa Yogurt curry twice a week is good for health. Moringa contains Vitamin E which plays a major role in decreasing the blood pressure along with other nutrients.

High blood pressure increases the chances of acquiring heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, congestive heart failure and more.

Time to consume some Moringa yogurt curry to lower the blood pressure,


Moringa Spinach – 1 Bunch
Red Gram – 100g
Bengal Gram – 100g
White Raw Rice – 50g
Dry Red Chilli – 6 no’s
Turmeric Powder – ½ tablespoon
Coriander – 1 tablespoon
Coconut Scrapings – 1 Fistful (or as per your taste)
Asafoetida powder – 1 Pinch
Black Mustard – 1 tablespoon
Black Gram Dal – 1 tablespoon
Curd – ½ Cup
Salt – Salt to taste


Prep: 15min › Cook: 30min › Ready in: 45min

– Separate the Moringa spinach leaves from the stem and wash them in hot water.

– Add some turmeric powder to the Moringa leaves in a skillet and boil it on medium flame.

– Take a bowl, add red gram, Bengal gram, white raw rice, dry red chilli, coriander, coconut scrapings, asafoetida powder and saute lightly for a minute until it turns pale golden. Then grind the ingredients well and put the bowl aside for now.

– When the boiled spinach is ready in the skillet, add the mixture of ingredients prepared in the bowl and stir well.

– Heat cooking oil in a pan on medium heat, add black gram dal, black mustard and curry leaves and fry till spluttering stops. Add them to the skillet with moringa and the mixture.

– Now into the final stage, add curd along with the mixture and some salt to taste. Stir well and serve.

Who can consume:

Children – Above age 8

Adults – Any age

Quantity to consume – 250ml

What is the right time to consume – Moringa Spinach is good to consume in the afternoon.

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