Carrots for Good Eyesight

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Carrots for Good Eyesight

“If you had weak eyes, they needed exercise to get strong. Glasses were like crutches. They prevented people with feeble eyes from seeing the world on their own.” ― Jeannette Walls,

Does a carrot a day keep the optometrist away? The biggest hunt is on! Everyone would love to have a clear vision with their naked eye. When compared to glasses and lenses, vegetables can make your dream come true. If you experience poor eye sight, Carrots are the top rated cure factor to gain proper eye-sight and vision. Well there are so many sayings that insists how worth carrots are for better eyesight. But that is true in fact; Fresh carrots are really good for both your eyes and health.

Carrots for clear vision:

Enough said about carrots!!! Just find out why carrots are good for eyes! Have you heard that carrots and other orange coloured fruits and vegetables promote eye health and protect vision? Yes that’s true, carrots are good for your vision with a type of vitamin A called Beta carotene that gives these foods their orange hue and helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function smoothly. But note that they cannot increase your visual acuity.

Facts of carrot

• Carrots are not only orange in colour; they also come in purple, white, red and yellow.


• There is as much calcium in 9 carrots as there is in a glass of milk.

• Carrots are about 87% water.

• Three carrots can give you enough energy to walk 3 miles.

Carrots are also good for your overall health, because they are a good source of potassium and fibre while being low in calories and almost fat-free. Adding chopped carrots to the top of a salad or including carrot side dishes are part of a healthy meal.

If you are tired of eating raw carrots, you can tune into making variety of dishes and drinks. Moreover, a cup of carrot juice is better for a day.

Naturally sugary, delicious and crunchy, carrots are healthy additions that you can make to the vegetable list in your diet. Carrot juice is also widely available as a health drink and the nutrients in carrots can improve the health of your eyes. So there it is, carrots make a big impact in providing healthy eyesight.

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