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Human body is the most sophisticated and a far superior machine than all the man-made inventions put together.

This is so because man-made machines need external help to repair any malfunctioning. The human body, however, has the power to repair itself from within when faced with damage. To a great extent, it is also capable of averting any damage by giving timely warning in advance. It has automatic adjustments, margins of safety and protective reflexes.

The brain and the nervous system of humans form a complicated network of communication by transmitting messages through the nerves to the loco motor system (muscles and joints) and receiving messages through nerve impulses of the sensory organs. They thus enable man to think, plan, reason and create.

The delicate mechanism of the eyes does the wonderful job of picturing the objects and transferring them to the mind. The wonders of digestion and metabolism give energy by taking in food to nourish the tissues and cells of the body. Human body produces much energy with very little fuel and functions efficiently with fewer repairs.

The vital organs of the human body are designed to meet emergencies. The lungs, liver and kidney have an abundant supply of tissues. If in case one of the lungs or kidneys is removed due to damage, the human body can still survive with the remaining one. Human body also produces antibodies to fight diseases.

All the organs of the body have individual functions but their functions are interdependent. One unique example is that of the epiglottis. We can feel it rise when we swallow something as it rises to close the entrance to the wind pipe (fig. 1). It is like a closing valve shaped like a leaf, situated on the wind pipe. But for this valve, the food will enter the wind pipe instead of the food pipe. That is why when we speak with our moth full, the epiglottis is pushed open to produce voice and some food enters the wind pipe. The outgoing air through the nose chokes the windpipe and forces out food particles through the nose with a fit of cough. Likewise, the uvula which hangs from the roof of the rear side of the mouth, rises as the food is swallowed and closes the nasal passage.

Our eyes are protected by natural defenses. The tear gland produces tears and washes the dust that enters the eye. The nostrils have filters and tiny hairs to filter out the large particles of dust. Minor external injuries like cuts and burns heal by themselves as the white blood cells rush to the site of injury around the infected area to start the healing process.

This foray into the details of the working of a human system has been undertaken for a very good reason. It is very essential to impress on every one that our body has versatile disease fighting ability built in it. If we abuse the system to satisfy various of our whims and fancies, without realizing this vital fact, we can only expect to be overcome and rewarded by diseases.

There are other organs of the body with functions of their own which would need great volume to describe in detail. All put together, human body deserves good care to help us lead a fairly healthy life. But if we assault our body with drugs and wrong food needlessly, we must also be prepared for the consequences and pay the penalty through diseases.

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