The 3 Most Useful Medicinal Plants You Should Know

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The 3 Most Useful Medicinal Plants You Should Know

Here’s a guide to nature’s most powerful medicinal plants which you can grow at home! Before the advent of modern-day medicine and its pharmacopeia of synthetic drugs, there were plants, and ancient civilizations knew how to use them strategically to treat common ailments and even life-threatening diseases. Here let us explore more about the most important medicinal plants.

1. Fabaceae(குன்றுமணி)


This variety of plant is a must have and good addition to any home that can cure most of the common diseases. Their leaves, Roots and seeds are the richest content of the plant which stores the most important medicinal values.

• The brew (Juice) of Fabaceae leaves are used to cure Dry cough, Cold and Abdominal Pain (Intestinal pain)

• The extracted juice from Fabaceae leaves mixed with oil is used to cure swollen wounds. They are also used to treat various skin related diseases such as Leprosy, Itches and bile.

• The content (Juice) extracted from its roots are used as a medicine to control Urinary and Nerve Problems, Vomiting sensation, Increases sex drive and Improves the chances of fertility.

2. Solanaceae (பெல்லடோனா)


If you are interested in using natural remedies to support your health, use this common medicinal plant Solanaceae which is good for life. The medicinal value of this plant is found in its root and leaves.

• Belladonna is used as a pain reliever, muscle relaxer, and anti-inflammatory,

• Italians called it as “beautiful woman” because the extract juice content from the leaves are used in eye-drops by women to dilate the pupils of the eyes to make them appear seductive.

• It helps to control the pump of heart beat at a constant rate.

• It is also used to treat menstrual problems and peptic ulcer and also helps to improve digestion.


3. Mimosaceae(கருங்காலி)


Everything in this world has a value and so do these Mimosaceae. This is a common plant which you can be incorporated into your existing garden. It has more of medicinal value to cure almost all engaging diseases we face often.

• The woodpile crushed powder from Mimosaceae plant helps to cure diarrhea

• Useful in cure for digestion and, rough and dry cough.

• Applying the powder on wounds and cuts helps to prevent from other infections and offers instant cure.

These are the must have and must grow Medicinal Plants among which of these plants will help you with your current health concerns.

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