An Introduction to Rheumatoid Arthritis

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An Introduction to Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the contemporary world, man lives a robotic life! In the journey of life, human race is crazily running behind success without caring about them. “Save everything for the future to survive” is his only motto. This way of living has brought about a massive impact of cultural changes which in turn affects his health.

Due to the various cultural changes we have lost so many things to consider that went through our ways, among them food habits leads the top spot. In our traditional medical book of Ayurveda, all foods are generally categorized into 6 tastes and 8 categories along mentioned with 18 types of attributes that turn food toxic.

In the modern world we live, man keeps on working hard day & night and stopped worrying about his food habits. They have also turned their faces towards the western food culture (like Pizza, Burger, and Fast Foods) which contains extreme fats and sparkling beverages (Carbonated Soft Drinks) that are harmful and brings changes to health. Due to these changes in food pattern, indigestion occurs which later affects the body with the toxic agents that can’t be seen with our naked eye. This is what is known as Undigested Food Residue in Ayurveda.

When you take on food products which are beyond its considered date, this is where a chronic arthritis called Rheumatoid Arthritis shows off (form). This impacts and reduces the functioning of the organs in the body. First symptom is the feel of being over-weight, and then continues with the following, tiredness, long hours of sleep, constipation, loss of appetite, feeling lazy with no intention to work and more.

Let us learn more about Rheumatoid. In Ayurveda our body is divided into 5 elements (Land, Water, Air, fire and Ether) and classified into 3 roots as (Pitta, Kapha and Vata). When these three are staying stable, we are said to be in a healthy state. But once it increases or decreases we are said to be encountered with serious health issues which is said to be the (3 Doshams)

Arthritis increases with the increase in undigested food residue in our body. This condition spreads out the undigested food residue to all the parts of the body, which first settles down in small joints. This affects the Fingers, elbow joints and knee joints which is followed by extreme pain, swellings and ends up with fever. When it affects the heart and Lungs, Palpitations, heart pain, and Shortness of breath follows. This is also called as Auto Immune and multi system disease.

These entire symptoms can been found in a single person. This will lead to Muscle wasting and deformity and brings them down lame. So we call this type of Arthritis as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Women are mostly affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis. Women are the heart of the family. Due to the catch up of this disease, the family will suffer a lot. Using Ayurveda the symptoms can be found in the early stage. Using high appetite content medicines like (shattharana sooranam, Ashta sooranam) and removing the toxic agents which are stored in the body with medicines like Vilvaathigulikaikal) Rheumatoid Arthritis can be cured.

To cure arthritis and fever caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, effective medicines such as Amruthothram brew and Raasna sabthagam brew can help. These medicines also have the ability to cure the swellings and pain caused in the joints.

Prevention is better than cure, so let us find out the food procedures we need to follow to stay away from this deadly disease.

1.    Always stay away from Fast foods which are inconsistent.

2.    Eat only when you feeling hungry.

3.    Never consume food contents which are packed and stored or junked for days.

4.    Do not do any sort of exercises after consuming food.

5.    Intake of our traditional food such as Rice, Rye, Millets, will lead to a healthy and disease free life.

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