Siddha way of Care for your Bowels

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Siddha way of Care for your Bowels

Siddha medicines promote good health, which remains as one of the country’s traditional health care system. Due to the changes in the human life and food habits in this contemporary world, the rise of intestinal related diseases has made a rapid growth.

Causes of Intestinal Diseases:

Living a stressful life most of the time, Imbalanced food habit with modern food contents, Smoking and Alcohol are the main causes.

Intestinal Diseases:

Indigestion, Ulcer, Bowel Cancer are the intestinal related diseases which catches the human body.

Symptoms of Intestinal Diseases

Loss of Appetite, Feeling of Hate, Belching, Heartburn feeling, Nausea, getting vomiting sensation are some of the symptoms which roots up when you catch up with any Intestinal Diseases.

Steps to prevent Intestinal Diseases

•    Consider the intake of food limit to ½ stomach and, make sure the contents consumed should be good and helps in digestion.

•    Try to wipe out the stress away from your life to stay healthy.

•    After you finish consuming food, consider a walk is good for digestion.

•    Avoid Oil and Spices with your food.

Medicines for Intestinal Diseases

Here are some of the medicines which are used in Siddha to cure various Intestinal related Diseases.

1.    Ashta Kunma Sooranam

2.    Ealaathi Sooranam

3.    Inji Sooranam

4.    Jeeraga Sooranam

5.    Nannari Nei

6.    Chiru Thakkali Nei

7.    Vilvaathi Legiyam

8.    Thiripaathi Legiyam

9.    Verkombu Legiyam

10.    Sangparpam

11.    Salasatthu parpam

12.    Panchalavana Parpam

13.    Vaayu senthooram and

14.    Vaasathi Legiyam

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