An Insight into the Disease Cancer and Its Natural Treatment

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An Insight into the Disease Cancer and Its Natural Treatment

One disease which everybody is scared of is – Cancer. People believe that cancer is a life taking disease and cannot be cured. But all thanks to the advancements in technology and medicine, this life taking disease is also curable now. You may not know, but researches have come up with lot of natural ways to treat this disease – which means that you will no more have to undergo radiations, or chemo therapies to cure the ailment.

Cancer, also known as malignant tumor, is a type of disease which involves unusual cell growth. Under this condition the cell growth is out of control, thus causing excessive growth or abnormal growth of these cells, leading to cancer. A body can be infected with this ailment in any part and at any time. There is no age barrier for it, and any person – a child, teenager, or adults can be diagnosed with cancer, at any point of their life.

Types of cancer

There are various types of cancer that effect different parts of the body. All the types of cancer are named, based on the area which it affects. Below given are the types –

• Ovarian Cancer

• Breast Cancer

• Skin Cancer

• Lung cancer

• Cervical cancer

• Kidney cancer

• Bladder cancer

• Colorectal cancer

• Esophageal cancer

• Pancreatic cancer

• Uterine cancer

• Thyroid cancer

• Prostate cancer

• Leukemia

• Melanoma

• Bone cancer

• Bladder cancer

Symptoms of this disease

It is very important to be aware of the unusual changes in your body. Cancer can give out few basic symptoms, which are listed below –

• Acute unexplained cough, breathlessness and chest pain

• Unusual lumps in the body

• Changes in bowel habits including –

• Blood in stools

• Constipation for unknown reason

• Unexplained pain in abdomen

• Unexplained bleeding while urination

• A mole might develop in an unusual shape

• Weight loss without any reason

Diagnosing cancer

It is always better to get cancer diagnosed as soon as the symptoms show, because the earlier it is identified, the better is the treatment that can be given. Usually when cancer symptoms are assumed, the doctor suggests few tests to check if you are really infected with this disease. Only when the results of the tests declare the patient as a cancer patient, the doctor begins the right treatment. Many a time, cancer like skin, breast, tentacles, mouth etc can be diagnosed during regular routine check ups. Other are diagnosed through tests, and in rare cases the disease is identified accidentally when treating another ailment.

Curing Cancer

The treatment that a cancer patient receives depends mainly on the stage of the ailment and the type of cancer. The types of treatment a cancer patient may receive are –

• A direct surgery to eradicate the part infected by cancer

• Slow removal of the part by chemo and other therapies

• A cancer support which includes doctors and nurses who help the patient get a relief from the pain

• Exercises

• Over the counter medicines

• Natural treatment

The best treatment till date is the natural therapy where in the patient is kept on the herbal medication. A regular checkup will ensure that you are free from any long term ailments, and in case you are diagnosed with cancer, a regular check up will ensure it is at an early stage.

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