Choose the Natural Way Out by Avoiding Radiations and Chemo

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Choose the Natural Way Out by Avoiding Radiations and Chemo

Cancer has existed since years and has affected a number of people. It is basically a malignant tumor which is a cluster of cancer cells. When any person develops such cells they are known to be effected by cancer. Till now science has not developed a sure cure of cancer but there are many techniques which can be used for the same. But the only way to remove it wholly from the body is by cutting out the affected part or by killing the cells in the particular area. After the treatment is over the patients are even given chemotherapy and radiation.

Drawback of using chemotherapy and radiation-

If you are using chemotherapy or radiation then it can affect your body in various unhealthy ways. Chemotherapy is usage of drugs to control the growth of the cells, but even that is toxic for a body. The process of radiation involves streaming of high energy ration waves to kill the cells by damaging their DNA. But there is a problem with radiation, i.e. it can kill the healthy cells along with the cancerous cells. So to minimize this affect the course of treatment has to be planned properly.

Why chose natural therapy?

There are certain simple ways and techniques which you can use to cure cancer. Since even the chemical treatments have no guarantee of cancer not attacking your body, it is no harm that you try the natural therapy. It is in turn better for your body because it would not have to suffer through the long hours and the extent of radiation and chemo.

Many people believe that using natural therapy involves, changing your diet, living life as you used to and find a holistic approach to deal with it. Statistics have shown that more people have died of the cancer treatment instead of the cancer itself. Researchers say this is because the chemo and radiation attack and weaken your immune system which in turn is not able to fight the malignant cells. The moment you need your immune system the most, that very time it is weakened.

The only way you can find the best way to treat cancer using natural therapy is by finding out the better ways out there which are being used by people day n day out so that they can survive this disease. You will have to look around, research and enquire about innumerable therapies to finally understand which kind of treatment would suit you best. You would not be able to detect the reason for cancer because there are hundreds of daily life tasks which may expose you to the situation where your DNA is altered and you are exposed to the disease. So the better option would be to understand the course of action to be taken after you have been detected with cancer. And among the different options you have, natural therapy is the most effective one as it does not chemically alter your body.

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