Natural Treatment for Cancer – Is It Effective?

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Natural Treatment for Cancer – Is It Effective?

Cancer is basically growth of abnormal cells or malignant growth in the body and is considered to be one of the deadly diseases in today’s world. It is believed to affect one in three people at any point of their life. Cancer can affect any part of the body and is best cured when treated in the early stages.

Orthodox treatment:

Orthodox remedy of cancer includes surgically removing the tumor, going for chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. Cancer patients after all these process are observed for five year period. If for five years they don’t get the cancer back they are declared as cancer free completely. There are lots of people who have passed this five year period without re occurrence of the tumor and have been declared cancer free by usage of orthodox treatment.

These types of treatments are clinically proven and safe. All these are very painful process wherein surgically removing the blood results in loss of blood and requires rest. Chemotherapy not only destroys the abnormal cells but all the normal cells in the body resulting in lower immune system. All these are exhausting processes and involve lot of physical and financial pressure.

Natural treatment:

Natural treatment is considered to be very safe treatment for cancer. It is comparatively cheaper and does not involve destroying the normal cells in the body. There are many natural treatments like homeopathy, aroma therapy, Ayurveda, herbals, Naturopathy etc and diet based cure like fasting, macrobiotic diet, alkaline diet, merman therapy, etc.

Daily usage of foods like castor oil, ginger, grapes, mushrooms, walnuts, etc, if consumed are known to halt the growth of the tumor cells. Walnuts are assumed to cure the cancer by killing the parasite which is responsible for the disease. Ginger which is a root of plant and a popular spice is supposed to stop the growth of tumor.

Apitherapy is the product which is extracted from bees and is used for curing the cancer which is not yet scientifically accepted. There is one more method available where in oxygen extracting chemicals are induced into the body to supply oxygen which in turn is believed to destroy the malignant cells.

Is it Effective?

Each one of natural remedy claim to have its own way of treating cancer. But one thing to be considered while going for these therapies is none of these are accepted by government regulations. These treatments have not undergone clinical trials and safety measures are not taken into consideration. Some of these are not safe and dangerous to use. This may lead to many other side effects which could be life threatening. Also these alternative methods should not interfere in the conventional method of treatments.

As these treatments are non-government driven, Natural treatments are not covered by insurance as well. It is best to take these treatments as alternatives of the conventional methods which are clinically proven. It is advisable to go to a recognized physician as and when there are symptoms of cancer for quick recovery. All these natural remedies can be used as an add-on.

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