Psoriasis – A Curse of the Skin

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Psoriasis – A Curse of the Skin

Cases of Psoriasis are said to have been documented since the days of Greek mythology, i.e., about 2600 years back. It was only in 1808 that it was officially recognized as a specific and separate clinical entity altogether. Psoriasis is a skin disease and has been named as one of the auto-immune ones. It is a chronic condition wherein there is an excessive reproduction of the cells of skin. Since it is chronic, it recurs whenever in contact with a trigger, like stress or weather changes.

Various types of Psoriasis:

The main distinguisher of one type of psoriasis from another is its visual appearance. This non-contagious and non-infectious skin disease has seven known variants, 5 of which are:

1. Plague psoriasis – studies show that almost 8 out of 10 psoriasis patients suffer from this category. Raised red patches that display a white, shiny scaling are its main symptoms. Each patch is known as a plaque. The most frequent areas of the body where they form are the knees, elbow and the lower back.

2. Guttate psoriasis – widespread tiny red marks on the skin point towards the second class of psoriasis. It is usually triggered by respiratory illness and is known to prevail only if the exposure to the trigger continues.

3. Pustular psoriasis – affecting less than 5% of all psoriasis patients, this is a very rare manifestation of the disease where raised pustules get filled with pus and typical skin eruption occurs in a wave like format. This condition occurs mostly in adults.

4. Erythrodermic psoriasis – this is certifiably the least common type of the disease and ironically the most severe. The mere appearance of it will scare any living person. Most of the time, the entire body is engulfed in a red, inflamed and scaly eruption which sets the temperature soaring.

5. Inverse psoriasis – the most common areas of infestation here are the folds of the skin, like below the breasts, armpits and genital areas. It generally contradicts those who are overweight and susceptible to regular sweating and friction. The eruptions are glossy and shiny.

Prevention is better than cure

Unfortunately, there is yet, no sure method of cure for psoriasis that will help prevent it from occurring again. However, steps can be taken to cut down the severity of the attack and help better the overall experience. For instance, stress, excessive alcohol, smoking, certain weather conditions are known to help the disease aggravate, so these can be taken care of accordingly.

Individuals suffering from psoriasis should always avoid prolonged exposure to heat/ sunlight. They should make sure that their skin is always moisturized and that they don’t use excessive powder. Harsh soaps, detergents, perfumes should also be avoided, to be on the safe side. Oatmeal bath treatments are known to soothe skin irritation and reduce dryness, itching and irritation.

Psoriasis may not be contagious but there are reasons as to why it is known as a curse of the skin. It can cause serious complications in the body and hence it is always advisable to not take it lightly.

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