Interesting Facts About Anxiety Disorders

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Interesting Facts About Anxiety Disorders

Directly or indirectly everybody, at some point of their life witnesses’ anxiety in different forms – it could be in the form of fear, worry, nervousness or panic. Until these things are under control, they are normal. If they occur in abnormal patterns, or in frequent intervals, then they are known as anxiety disorders. Such disorders might be dangerous if the level cannot be controlled without medication or treatment.

It is very important for everyone to be well aware of this disorder, since it might lead to anxiety attacks or life taking conditions if the occurrence is severe. One thing you must understand is that – this can happen to anybody at any time be it children, teenagers or adults.

What is anxiety disorder?

Different people have different meanings for this term. Few people consider it to be an unhappy state of the mind, while others feel it is a normal reaction towards stress. Studies have shown that anxiety basically is an emotional response caused by fear of losing or misfortune. A proven study also says that a person cannot cope with this anxiety disorder until they really wish to come out of it – the treatments and the medication will all go in vain if the person is not mentally ready to come out of the situation.

Facts you may or may not know

Anxiety disorder may not be known to all the people directly. People term it in different ways. Below given are few facts about this disorder that you must have been unaware of, but you must know –

• Anxiety can occur in various forms and degrees which can be life threatening as well.

• It can lead people into bad habits like smoking or drinking

• The most common symptoms of this disorder are muscle pain, constant head ache (due to over thinking or stress)

• If 100 men suffer from anxiety, then the number of women suffering from this is about 250.

• This disorder is mostly seen in Americans. Every year more than 60 million Americans report of anxiety, out of which around 30 million have severe anxiety disorders.

• Every second person around the globe reports of symptoms of anxiety in every two weeks.

• More than 25% of the US workforce suffers from mild or chronic stress.

• Despite the number of increasing cases of people suffering from this disorder, not all of them go for the right treatment leading to mild disorder becoming chronic which in turn becomes life threatening.

That is why, today, lot of doctors suggest getting anxiety levels also checked in the normal routine checkups. It is also important to identify such disorders in early childhood only, so that the kid can lead a healthy adult life. The best way to overcome this is, meditation. Practicing meditation every morning, will help keep your mind under control and thus keep stress and fear away. It will also keep negative thought away and will allow positive thought to pour in.

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