Aloe Vera miracle: The natural medicine for cancer

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Aloe Vera miracle: The natural medicine for cancer

To Prevent and completely eliminate Cancer, Aloe Vera is considered as the best natural medicine.

Cancer is the most deadly disease with no cure yet to be found with medicines and treatments that is said to be shaking the world.

(Fr Romano Zago) who was a born and brought up Brazilian is a doctor/priest who has found the natural medicine to prevent cancer. Let us find the preparation of this medicine below.

The main ingredient used is the most available herb Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera – 400 Gram

Pure Honey – 500 Gram

Whisky (or) brandy 50ml (Kindly use it for medicinal purpose only)


• Clean the Aloe Vera and remove the tiny thorns all over it. Do not remove the skin layer of Aloe vera and make sure you wrap them around a clean cloth.

• Chop down the Aloe Vera into tiny pieces

• Take the chopped Aloe Vera pieces in a bowl and add some honey and whisky (or) brandy to it.

• Mix them all together. That’s it….Your medicine is ready to use.

How to consume this medicine: Steps to follow

• 15 ml of this medicine should be considered before 30 minutes of your food intake. Shake e the bottle of medicine before using every time.

• Following the above steps will take your medicines come up to 10days. After 10 days prepare again and follow back.

• This medicine should never be considered only for 10 days.

• Intake of this medicine will help the person get cure in a short period of time.

Beat Cancer with #Aloe Vera; follow the simple procedures to make the most easiest dish with the common ingredients available.

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