What are the answers to the frequently asked questions about Swine Flu?

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What are the answers to the frequently asked questions about Swine Flu?

All that you get to read in newspapers and news channels today is that – “Swine flu caused death of 100 people” actually speaking, death due to Swine flu is very rare, and is caused only in cases where the extent was very severe, or if it was not diagnosed at the right time or if this influenza was combined with other major health issues. Otherwise, this diseases actually occurs due to a virus H1N1 majorly and other viruses causing influenza.

This Novel H1N1 virus was never found in a human body until April 2009. It was a virus found in pigs, which was later identified in human body causing a sever type of common cold, thus getting its name as “Swine Flu”. Since it was a new problem to the researches of medicine, initially there was no cure for it. But, today there number of vaccines to stay away from it, and in case you are infected with it, then you have the right treatment available as well.

All questions answered –

People have several questions relating to this disease, since it is observed that the H1N1 virus is not regular. It spreads rapidly in a particular season, and then vanishes, and then again re appears in some other season. This is why people, doctors and patients are very skeptical about this influenza. But, the below section answers the frequently asked questions –

Question 1 – Is swine flu similar to a normal influenza?

To an extent yes, the major difference being that a human body is immune against the viruses of the normal seasonal influenza, whereas the virus of Swine flu is a new agent to the body and thus a person has to get vaccinated outside in order to immune himself/herself against this diseases.

Question 2 – Is Swine Flu contagious?

Yes, the virus of Swine flu has been found to be spreading from one person to another. However, until now, the researchers have not yet been successful in finding the exact cause of spread or the speed at which it spreads.

Question 3 – If I eat or prepare Pork, am I prone to this disease?

No, eating well prepared pork, or preparing pork with uninfected pig meat will not endanger you to the disease, because the virus is killed when the food is heated at around 160 degree – 170 degree Fahrenheit, which is usually required to cook meat.

Question 4 – can I go out if I am infected?

Better stay at home when you are infected with H1N1 virus, because it is observed that it spreads from person to person. Drink plenty of water and juices, eat healthy food and take medicines on time

Question 5 – is there any incubation period for this? If yes, what is it?

Yes, every disease seems to have an incubation period. Incubation period refers to the time interval the virus takes from the entry to showing the symptoms. The period for this disease, is generally 7-10 days.

Be well aware, to recover soon, and keep other away from the disease. Eat healthy and stay fit is the mantra to a happy life.

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