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Wheat grass juice

Wheat grass juice is the best medicine in the cure of even the most incurable diseases. It is a good tonic for those who are extremely anemic and debilitated. It is useful in heart diseases too.

Method of preparation
To grow wheat grass, soak a first full of wheat and sow them in a pot or wooden trough containing mud. Since wheat grass therapy must be continued for a few weeks or months together a number of pots will be required. The grass must not be exposed to sun rays, and must be grown only in the shade.

Let the sowed grain sowed grain sprout and grow to about 8 to 10 inches in height. Prepare juice out of this grass by crushing and take half glass of this grass by crushing and take half glass of this juice on empty stomach. In order to obtain half a glass of juice on empty stomach. In order to obtain half a glass of juice daily, at least 8 or 10 pots are required. As the grass grows, fresh grains can be sowed daily.

Blood disorders can be arrested successfully with wheat grass juice therapy. During the course of this treatment, no artificial food must be consumed. Only fresh vegetables along with home made bread can be taken. Coffee, tea and any other type of drink must be strictly avoided. Unlike other herbal juices, wheat grass juice is sweet and appetizing and palatable which even very young children will take gladly.

Herbal tea

There are different kinds of herbs used in the preparation of herbal tea. But their availability is difficult, hence herbs that are readily available in the kitchen are best to make such beverages. Tea made with minimum kitchen spices is the easiest for regular consumption.

Method of preparation
Take 200 gms of coriander powder, 50 gms of cumin powder, 50 grams of dry ginger powder and one teaspoon pepper powder. Mix these powders. One teaspoon full of this powder must be added to one-and-a-half cups of water and boiled for one minute (a very small pinch of tea leaves can be added if it is a must and that too only during the initial days.) Milk can be added after removing this solution from fire. Very little sugar must be added.

Tulsi leaves or even sticks, cardamoms and aniseeds (saunf) can be added to the above herbs to make it more tasty and for better health. Tulsi is useful for fevers, cold, caugh, etc. cardamoms give power to the brain and saunf is good for the intestines.

This tea must substitute regular tea. It helps in correcting faulty digestion, headaches, bodyaches and above all relieves the habit of tea and coffee intake which are injurious to health.
Lemon, the universal natural medicine

Right medicine put to wrong use

People generally have the erroneous assumption about the use of lemons and lemon juice as a medicine in diseases. Its healing properties are not recognized by common man who considers it just a cool drink to quench thirst during summer or to be used in pickles. It is actually in these two forms that the real value of lemon is destroyed. When lemon juice comes in contact either with sugar or salt, it is harmful, except in summer.

Its properties are extension in curing all acute, common and chronic disorders without doubt. It is for its medicinal qualities that it has been given the prime place in religious functions of all communities.

Components of lemon

Lemon contains vitamin C and citric acid. Citric acid exists in the form of potassium citrate, which is alkaline. Citric acid is combustible and is expelled in the form of carbon-di-oxide. The word acid should not be confused with the acid in the stomach. Potassium combines with hydrogen and oxygen to become highly alkaline to form potassium hydroxide. This potassium hydroxide exerts its medicinal properties in almost every from of fever. It regulates heart beat and helps the lungs to function normally. Hence it is useful in heart as well as lung disorders.

Role of lemon in various disorders

Its place in nature cure treatment is unquestionable. The day for the patient under nature cure begins with the juice of lemon in almost any disease. This is because cleansing is of top most priority in nature cure and lemon carries out this task remarkably.

When we eat acid forming food, the lack of alkaline substance causes erosion on the stomach wall. Regular use of lemon neutralizes the acid-alkaline level.

A glass of warm water added with lemon juice is wonderful medicine for all stomach disorders. This elixir must be taken sip by sip and each sip must be retained in the mouth for atleast one full minute before swallowing.

People often hesitate to use lemon when suffering from cold and cough fearing that it would increase the cold or produce acid in the stomach. Far from this misconception, lemon instead does the reverse when properly understood and used.

The antibacterial qualities of lemon destroy bacteria within a few minutes. Hence it is useful in common cold, infections of tonsils, adenoids and in almost any respiratory disorder including asthma. It reduces inflammation and freshens the mouth from foul breath when used as a gargle or rinse, due to its antiseptic qualities.

As a detoxifier it can be substituted for alcohols, tea and coffee sometimes in combination with other herbs, either cold or warm.

Aid for beauty

As a purifier it cleanses all the impurities in the blood stream and enables the circulation of lymph and blood. It is extremely useful in almost every skin disease, from athletes foot to acne and eczema when taken internally or applied externally. It is a good stain remover too and removes blemishes on the skin. It imparts a glow to the skin if used singly or in combination with cucumber juice, rose water, etc.

Honey, the multipurpose medicine

Honey is a non-perishable substance. It is a valuable tonic for any disease. It contains carbohydrates, minerals, water, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamins A, B6 and B12, potassium, and sodium and sugar in different forms. It serves as a medium for medicines in various forms (powders and dilutions). Honey is easily digested and readily absorbed in the blood stream and hence its utility in digestive disorders is valuable.

Its application on skin either on its own or combined with other substances is very effective. When applied on burns, it lessens the burning sensation and heals the skin faster. It can be applied to swollen and painful gums.

Honey helps reduce weight when combined with warm water and lemon juice. For headaches, giddiness, circulatory disorders and migraine honey is an invaluable medicine. When nausea and vomiting are present, plain honey or honey mixed with ginger and lemon juice help reduce the symptoms.

Garlic, a boon for human kind

Garlic is an age old medicine that can singly cure and prevent most of the diseases. Many dislike garlic for its unpleasant and repulsive odour. Nevertheless they include garlic as a spice in their food. Though in its natural raw condition garlic’s quality is unique and beyond compare, it also has the quality to retain its goodness and minimize the till effects of some food items when cooked.

Garlic has a high source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, minerals essential vitamins, iodine, chlorine etc. Garlic has the antibiotic properties that could destroy the severest germs with its rich supply of vitamins and minerals. Cough, bronchitis and bronchial asthma yield to the power of garlic.

Heart disease and arthritis

Garlic lowers the cholesterol level in blood. It also lowers the high blood pressure due to its hypotensive properties. It gives strength to the heart and heart muscles by improving the blood circulation. Since the function of heart and lungs are interconnected, a regular intake of atleast one clove of garlic per day prevents and cures any lung and heart disease.

Valuable for digestive system

Anything from bad breath, swallowing difficulty to regular bowel movements garlic prevents almost all digestive disorders. It expels worms and improves digestion. It is a good tonic for the stomach and intestines.

Wonder drug for various purposes

Garlic is highly alkaline. Its anti-inflammatory properties relieves swelling, stiffness and pain in the joints. Hence it is valuable in arthiritis. It prevents teeth and gums from decaying. It is a natural sex tonic. It is used in a variety of skin diseases. Garlic even destroys lice in the head and helps grow hair on baldy patches.

Hate not garlic for its smell

If we have tolerance towards its pungent odour, it will prove to be a potent weapon in our hand against any illness. After the intake of garlic a clove of cardamom can be chewed to relieve the odour from the mouth.

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