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Drinking coffee and tea is not considered harmful by people. This is true to some extent because moderation in anything does not harm. Two cups of either coffee or tea does not matter if it is taken after breakfast and in the afternoon. But people drink tea and coffee in an empty stomach, as one rises from bed – some even take bed tea or bed coffee, every two to three hours and in between two meals and also after meals. This goes beyond the moderate drinking and is a harmful way of consuming tea or coffee. Office goers exceed the limit and drink as many as five to six cups a day or even more.

Abstaining from these drinks altogether having once been used to them, will result in throbbing headaches an depression due to the withdrawal effects. But if the intake is gradually reduced and finally withdrawn completely, bothersome symptoms do not occur. Coffee and tea can be replaced by herbal tea (See page 214) which is tastier and more stimulating.

Herbal tea as a substitute

One of my patients, Lakshmi was a busy working woman with a large family. With a heavy schedule, she hardly had enough time for regular meals. Excessive intake of coffee and tea killed her appetite and her appetite and her intake of food reduced to an alarming level. The addition to these drinks made her condition worse. Extreme exhaustion, severe anemia, insomnia and nagging headaches tormented her. Pain killers and sedatives impaired her memory, made her listless and had severe side reactions. She neither had faith nor time for long term nature cure to come out of her hell.

I prescribed hydrotherapy, with herbal tea as a substitute and a raw diet, none of which demanded much time or effort. She was glad that raw eating was easier than cooked food which also stimulated her appetite. Fruit juices gave her the much needed energy. She was prescribed hot foot bath in the morning, but she could not spare time for this so a time saving method for this was prescribed. This lady achieved overall improvement on the very third day. Those who suffer similar problems can try and benefit. The time saving method is as follows:

Stand in a tub filled with hot water. Open the cold shower and spray water on the head for a few seconds. Put on a cold wet towel on the head after the initial spray. However, if it is a hot weather and cold water appeals to you, cold spray form the shower can be had till you finish your bath. But do not exceed the limit of five to seven minutes. Since the feet are immersed in the hot water you can bathe either in cold water or lukewarm water. Add more hot water in the tub as it may cool while bathing. Sitting on a stool and placing the feet in the tub will serve better. Finally spray cold water on your feet and dry the whole body especially the feet, with a coarse towel briskly.

Household remedies for overcoming alcohol addiction

If determination to quit drinking is strong and if you feel the urge to have one last drink, the time is precise to get rid of it for ever. One valuable advice must be taken into consideration in overcoming addictions. Avoid the company of those who discourage you in your efforts. They are more dangerous than those who tempt you. Some effective methods are given below.:

  • Add eight parts pure water to one part of alcohol and drink it in gulps. Do not sip. Drink two more glasses of water after it. If you vomit, it is excellent. That will be the last time you would have touched a drink. Have a long shower lasting at least for five full minutes.
  • Eat two three oranges or drink one glass of orange juice just before breakfast. Three to four apples per day can be taken with meals or separately. Take atleast 250 gms of grapes per day regularly for a period of two months.

Do the following exercises and drink a glass of buttermilk with lemon squeezed in it, after an hour.

Pavanamuktasana, Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana and Makarasana.

Do all the breathing exercises especially Nos.1, 2 and 6 every day. Learn the given asanas in the chapter Yoga Exercises, especially Pavanamuktasasana and do them regularly. If may sound incredible but there are yoga masters who had once been heavy drinkers.

Develop the habit of expending the cost of drinks for a good purpose or atleast in fruits like apples and grapes. When you feel the urge develop, get hold of some apples immediately and eat slowly chewing every bit of it thoroughly.

How to kill the habit of smoking before it kills you!

Smokes attempt various methods to quit smoking. The persons who successfully get rid of this injurious habit are those who master their will and find some purpose in creative activities at their workplace and society. The willingness to quit smoking, the determination to attempt all possible methods to replace the habit and above all a keen commitment towards good health will help in achieving success.

Effective methods
If you are smoking packs a day, reduce it gradually because stopping any such habit abruptly will produce severe unpleasant withdrawls.

People are different from each other. Some can quit smoking all of a sudden and for ever. These persons have a very strong will to resist the temptation to smoke. So they never suffer the side effect of the withdrawls. But it will be surprising to know that these withdrawls last just five to ten minutes that is crucial when the will to quit should be strongest. But you may feel even five minutes are too much for you to start with. You should try for one full week to resist the urge to smoke.

Pleasurable diversion
During this time engage yourself with your most favourite hobby. Do not choose any diversion which demands brain work. Your fingers are bound to become restless to hold the cigarette. If you love music try your fingers on any instrument like guitar, piano, harmonium, etc. The crucial five to ten minutes stops existing the very next day. If you are not good at playing music instruments but still love music try to whistle or sing. But remember not to listen to music during the crucial five minutes because you will naturally want to smoke as you enjoy the music. In fact whistling will help you to inhale and exhale effectively which itself will cure the addiction to smoking.

Murlidhar a busy sales person once person once smoked three to four packs daily. When he was advised to try whistling he agreed to give a trial. Within ten days he not only quit smoking with remarkable ease but he also learnt to whistle excellently to the surprise and pleasure of those around him.

If music is not your favourite pastime try to engage your fingers on a calculator or typewriter, for the crucial five minutes. There is also an effective spot located on both the ears by giving pressure on which the urge to smoke reduces.

Select a stimulant of a milder nature. Tea is the best. Tea has been effectively tried by those who wanted to quit smoking but could not succeed with other methods. But there is danger of getting addicted to tea if caution is not exercised, because tea is a stimulant too. A substitute to standard tea is herbal tea which is superior both in taste and effect. (For preparation of herbal tea see page no. 124)

Visualization and breathing – how is it done?:
Smokes are generally supposed to be restless when among others, but when left to themselves they are highly imaginative, creative and inventive. Use this valuable trait to your advantage. A splendid method to get rid of this harmful habit is through breathing exercises. It decidedly puts an end to smoke for ever.

Sit in a place where there is no disturbance. Keep your spine erect and let the hands rest on your knees. Close your eyes and imagine the size and shape of your favourite cigarette. Visualize it being held between your lips. Pout your lips, take a deep breath savouring the familiar flavour of the cigarette and draw in air. Blow up the cheeks without letting the air out. After holding for a while, exhale through the nostrils and not through the mouth. You sure enjoyed the pull, did you not?

The first attempt perhaps was half hearted and doubtful, so not up to the mark. Try again, this time with renewed enthusiasm. Repeat it a few more times. Do not lose heart but carry on. You are chain smoking now but with a difference. Do it daily and get addicted to it. You will be surprised by its absolute result by its absolutely result by regular practice after some days.

This miracle can happen to you too because many persistent chain smokers of the past and incurable have accomplished positive results. This type of smoking fulfils you desire and at the same time cleanses your body from toxins, while strengthening your will and toning up the vital respiratory organ, the lungs.

Household remedy for smoking: Butter-milk is an excellent remedy for smoking. In a glass of butter milk add one tea-spoon lemon juice, a pinch of asafetida, and few curry leaves. Do not add salt. Have this drink at least for two months with out break

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