What are the Symptoms of Swine Flu? How Can You Avoid it Naturally?

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What are the Symptoms of Swine Flu? How Can You Avoid it Naturally?

In the present scenario of changing seasons, climates and temperatures, the most common danger to the human body is the contagious diseases that it might fall prey to. The one that is all over in the atmosphere today is Swine flu.

People usually associate this disease with consumption of swine. They believe that consumption of an infected swine, might lead them to getting infected with the same disease as well. But this is not true at all. This disease actually is a type of influenza caused due to viruses and pigs. This is more or less like other flus, yet differs significantly. One similarity is that, like other flus, the virus of swine flu also keeps changing, but the major root cause of it is Novel H1N1.

How do you detect Swine flu?

Every disease has its own symptoms, which indicate the body that something is wrong with the normal functioning system. Swine flu is no different and thus, it has its own set of symptoms, which to an extent matches with all the regular influenzas that you might be effected with. Below given is a list of all possible symptoms that you might experience in case your body is infected with Swine flu –

•    You will observe that you feel weaker than you usually might get. The body feels more weak, dizzy, and tired.

•    You might experience a pain in the chest or abdomen.

•    The breathing might become more faster than normal. You might also have abnormal breathing.

•    The color of the face tends to become dull leading to blue or greyish complexion.

•    Feeling of being nauseated, vomiting and diarrhea are indications that you might be suffering from H1N1 virus.

•    Returning high grade fever and cough.

•    Running nose, headache and sore throat.

Natural way to keep away H1N1 virus

Yes, you have read it right. It is possible to be away from all the disease naturally by just consuming few healthy food and beverages, and following a good exercise routine. Below given are few tips to treat Swine flu as naturally as possible –

•    Maintain good hygiene

•    Make sure that the surroundings in which you live is clean and neat

•    Drink plenty of water

•    Eat fruits and green vegetables

•    Make sure that you are consuming a good meal and having it at regular times so that your body is well nourished with the required nutrients and vitamins

This disease is only temporary and death due to Swine flu is very rare. Thus, just maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, exercise regularly to keep your body fit, and stay miles away from swine influenza. After taking necessary natural ways to be away from this disease, if you still experience certain symptoms, be sure that you consult a doctor right away so that the problem can be diagnosed in the initial stages and you can receive aid at the right moment.

Follow a proper daily routine to live longer. Stay fit; stay healthy to enjoy the pleasure of life.

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