Why is Swine Flu Being Labeled One of the Most Dangerous Diseases?

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Why is Swine Flu Being Labeled One of the Most Dangerous Diseases?

It is not wrong to label the swine influenza as one of the most dangerous diseases of all time, because it has proven how life threatening it can be right since its inception in 2009. This virus proved its ability not only to infect humans, but also to spread easily from one human to another and thus being labeled as a pandemic.

Contagiousness of the virus:

Studies state that 25% of those who have come in contact with infected people have also contracted swine flu. This transmission happens by skin to skin of people, be it shaking hands, kissing, sneezing or coughing in the vicinity of an uninfected person. They had started spreading even in the moist warm weather of summers which made it obvious that they would be at full force during fall and winter.

Also, the swine flu isn’t always severe, but when it is bad, which it often is, it’s really bad. Patients who are hospitalized with this disease have an 11% fatality rate, which is quite a matter of concern. Other reasons why it is so dangerous are:

•    Seriousness of the disease: This arises from the fact that it can infiltrate the strong immune system of a 20-25 year old too, which makes a higher class of population prone to the disease. It can produce more damage in the lungs, by infecting them deeper; it can also change genes so rapidly that it is tough to fathom and predict the outcome of it.

•    Deep lung infection: As mentioned earlier, the swine flu virus has the potential to damage the working of the lungs greatly. They penetrate deep in and disrupt the alveoli where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged and destroy receptors. No seasonal influenza virus does that.

•    Vulnerability of the young: medical personnel believe that those who have crossed their thirties have built up a partial immunity to new flu microorganisms but the younger generation has not lived through any infant version of the flu. Thus, they are more prone to contracting the disease and have no antibodies to fight the pandemic.

Apart from all this, perhaps the most prominent reason for which it has been labeled to be one of the most dangerous things ever is the declaration by World Health Organization that it can turn into a global pandemic. This entails serious restriction on everyday life. Government may close schools, offices, public places and instruct people to work from home and govern all outdoor moves. They may tell people who are suffering from symptoms to isolate themselves at home and seek medical attention without a moment’s waste if more serious symptoms develop.

The media created an intense hype about the seriousness of the disease which also proved to be true, given the fact that the virus generally results in complications which often lead to death. Blue – black skin color, rapid breathing and sudden loss of energy calls for an immediate visit to the doctor, so as to prevent the disease from becoming fatal.

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