How effective is Vitamin C therapy for swine flu cure?

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How effective is Vitamin C therapy for swine flu cure?

Swine influenza or H1N1 is a respiratory disease caused by Type A influenza viruses. The symptoms of swine flu are similar to regular flu symptoms which include severe fever, cough, runny nose, body ache, chills and fatigue. Doctors across the globe have written in their personal blogs about case reports, where vitamin C was used to completely cure H1N1. An adequate dose of Vitamin C has proven to cure even an acute viral syndrome.

A reasonable daily dose of vitamin C is expected to do a brilliant job at preventing H1N1. You can thus avoid the mass vaccinations entering your ill body. Case reports have shown that a near lethal case of swine flu was fully recovered using the method of intravenous vitamin C. The effect of moderate doses of Vitamin C exerts significant anti-viral effect. It should be noted that the ideal amount of vitamin C given to the patient should be limited to his/her bowel tolerance.

Mechanism of Vitamin C

According to Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of vitamin C) believes that individual is said to be in good health when there is ample flow and interchange of electrons in body cells. Impaired electron flow leads to diseases, since the flow entirely ceases and there is death of cells. Oxidation involves the loss of electrons whereas antioxidant counters the diseases caused by oxidation by supplying electrons. Vitamin C is a major antioxidant and a most important electron donor to maintain optimal electron flow in your body especially when you are affected by swine flu.

In 2005, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service published many findings of the vitamin C cure bird flu and other viruses. Giving high dose of vitamin C is remarkably safe and effective treatment for viral diseases. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals; helps kill viruses and strengthen your body’s immune system.

Dosage guidelines for Intravenous Vitamin C

Though doctors were not in agreement that intravenous Vitamin C would really save a dying person, they completely agree that giving reasonable dosage is virtually devoid of any side effects. You should follow these instructions during the treatment for this scary disease.

•    25 grams of Vitamin C is allowed to be given intravenously.

•    It is wise to start the dosage with 6gm initially and then and then 1 gm per hour. If you get diarrhea then halve the dose. If you do not get diarrhea then double the dosage.

•    In the final stages reduce the dosage to oral Lypospheric vitamin C

The results of the following dosage are a miracle when followed under doctors’ recommendation. Patients who followed the dosage showed improvement in lungs, gaining an improved air flow. Chest X rays and CAT scans showed the lungs were not white anymore indicating better air movement.

The trick of vitamin C dosage works because it mainly strengthens the immune system of the patient. Though there are possible links between cure of Swine flu and natural remedies of vitamin C, it is difficult to find a hospital that concedes to such measures.

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