Precautionary Measures to be followed to Prevent Swine Flu

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Precautionary Measures to be followed to Prevent Swine Flu

Swine influenza also known as pig flu, swine flu or hog flu is a particular type of Swine influenza virus. Since ages it has been common among the pig population worldwide. However the transmission of the virus from pigs to humans is neither common and nor does it definitely lead to human flu. In some cases it does lead to swine flu but in the other cases it just results in a simple flu. Constant exposure to pigs has been determined as one if the key elements which can lead to this life threatening illness.

Listed down are a few preventive measures which you can take to stop the spreading of the disease to you too. The methods mentioned may sound like routine activities, but they to help you to prevent the disease.

• Get a flu vaccination- a seasonal flu vaccination may not totally help you to prevent this disease, but it plays a significant part in reducing the risk of being affected by swine flu.

• Wash your hands- wash your hands at regular intervals using soap and hot water. The minimum prescribed time to apply soap is 15 seconds per wash. If hot water is not accessible then you can use an alcohol based gel for the same.

• Cover your germs- as you already know you should cover your nose while sneezing or cover your mouth before coughing because otherwise you may transfer the germs to someone. And after that you need to wash your hands.

• Avoid crowded places- crowded places should be avoided because otherwise you may expose yourself to the contagious diseases any member of the crowd has like cough, cold, fever, chills, watery eyes, etc.

• Get proper sleep- sleeping for 8 hours is essential for your body so that you immune system is in a strong condition. If you are in a habit of sleeping less than 8 hours then chances are that you are more exposed to the risk than others.

• Form a diet chart- when you hear about the flu going around be sure to form a proper diet chart compromising of fluids, proteins, carbohydrates and other vitamins and nutrients so that you can make your body stronger when it needs you the most.

• Stay away from sick people- It may sound a little harsh that you are staying away from your loved ones when they are sick but it will in turn protect you from catching any disease.

After reading the above tips you must have understood how important and significant daily hygiene can be to prevent swine flu from affecting you. You need to take all of these measures so that you can lead a healthy life, and if you follow them to the word then chances are that you will not be affected by this deadly disease. This disease has been around since 2009 and has affected a lot of countries around the globe, irrespective of the factor that you are surround by pigs in your vicinity or not. So take all the preventive steps you can protect yourself from swine influenza.

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