What are the different types of varicose veins?

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What are the different types of varicose veins?

Veins are one of the most important parts of a human body. They are the only thing apart from nerves that connect one body part to the other. They are blood vessels that help in bringing back the de oxygenated blood from all other parts to the heart and lungs. If there is any defect in the veins, the blood will not receive oxygen, causing adverse effects in the body, thus making the veins an imperative part of each one of us.

Every vein has its own width, and when a particular vein gets abnormally thick, with lot of twists and turns in it, that condition is termed as varicose veins. The term varicose is derived from a Latin word, Varix which means twisted in English. This situation is a common condition, but it must be treated in the right way at the right time to avoid any kind of serious complications.  Such veins when swollen, might not appear swollen physically, but when the veins are suffering from this condition, they appear dark purple or blue in color.

Types of varicose veins

This condition of varicose, appears in the human body in various forms. Many people believe the fact that this appears only in the legs, which is not true. In fact, it can pop up in ay part of the body, at any time. The different types of varicose are –

•    Varicose in legs: this is the most common condition, with the reason being that people walk upright, causing pressure on the veins of the legs, thus making it weak at times. This causes it to twist, and result in varicose.

•    Abdominal varicose: This is caused in the abdomen, making the veins appear swollen. This seldom happens because you might be giving a lot of pressure to that part of the body.

•    Pelvic varicose: this type of condition usually is found in women who are pregnant. It happens because it causes imbalance in hormones, causing pressure over the veins present in that part, leading them to twist and turn.

•    Vulvar varicose: during pregnancy, the level of hormones are increased. This causes increased blood flow, causing increased pressure to the veins to carry more blood, because of which the veins result in a varicose condition.

These are the 4 most common types of varicose conditions that are generally detected in a normal human. When you are suffering from varicose condition, doctors generally recommend you to wear soft garments, especially in the affected part so that the veins in that part will receive a soothing effect, which will result in quick healing. Apart from this, the most common treatment includes medicines and exercises.

Makes sure that you are getting it diagnosed at the right time, so that it is cured at initial stages. The most common symptoms to detect this condition is change of color or cramps. Get it detected soon, so that you have uninterrupted daily chores, as varicose veins can cause lot of pain and restlessness.

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