Exercises Which Can Help You Treat Joint Pain

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Exercises Which Can Help You Treat Joint Pain

After a week of hard work you would love the option of relaxing as hard as you worked. But in some cases it is not possible because they start developing joint pain which in turn affects their physical life and causes them to carry on with their sedentary lifestyle. If you are a sufferer of the same then you need to adopt quick measures which will help you to get rid of the pain. The best remedy to get rid of the pain is by adopting natural measures rather than allopathic measures because if allopathic backfires then the cost to pay will be high.

Why should you exercise?

Exercise will help you to strengthen your body parts and help you maintain a fit and healthy body. Along with that it has several benefits like it will help you to strengthen the muscles around your joints, develop bone strength, help you to control your weight, increase your strength and energy levels during the day.

Which exercises should you adopt?

The exercise you take up will depend on the level of your joint pains, so if the pain you are suffering though is rated high on the scale then you need to adopt vigorous exercise and if you are suffering though mammal pain then you can deal with easy, simple exercises. The exercises will depend on the underlying cause of the pain, like injury, infection, allergic retort, illness, etc.

• Chair knee extension- while sitting on a chair, rest your foot flat on the other chair raising your knee a little, and the gently push down the knee towards the floor, tightening your leg muscles. Stretch the knee in that position for 5-10 seconds and repeat the same 5 times.

• Heel slide knee extension – Take a yoga mattress and lie flat on your back while bending our left knee and keeping the foot flat on the mattress. Then slowly, side away your heel away from your knee so that both the legs are parallel. Do this exercise alternately 5 times each and hold in the position for 5-10 seconds.

• Hamstring stretch- while standing keep a chair in front of you. Lift up your left feet and keep it on the chair. Then slowly try and teach out so that you can touch your knee, and bend at the hip. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds and then repeat it 5 times on each leg.

• Knee flexion- sit on a chair and use any sort of stretchable material like tower or something and loop it along your feet, which is resting on the floor. Now gently pull your feet of the ground up to 4-5 inches and hold on till 5-10 seconds. Repeat it 5 times on each leg.

These are a few exercises which you can adopt if you are a beginner. If you think you can increase the intensity of the exercises then consult a physician for your joint pains and he or she will help you to find the exercise which fits your situation.

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