Myths about diabetes

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Myths about diabetes

Each one of us dreams of a fit body free from all diseases, but one diseases that is a little tough to be away from is – diabetes. Especially if you have a sweet tooth, then it becomes even more difficult for you to strive to be away from this disease. A normal human body has a certain level of blood sugar level. Excess sugar in the body will cause the level to increase than the normal condition. This increased level of blood sugar in the body leads to a condition called diabetes. On the contrary, if you are not consuming enough sugar to maintain the standard level, you might also experience low blood sugar. Both the conditions are harmful to the body.

Due to an increased level of blood sugar, the glucose in the body does not reach the parts, causing the parts to become deficient of glucose, resulting in adverse conditions. That is why, once a person is diagnosed of diabetes, he/she is requested to stop consumption of any kind of sugar, and is given drugs and injections of insulin which helps to neutralize the sugar level in the body.

Not so true facts about diabetes

Since, this is a very common condition in today’s world; everybody seems to have their own little knowledge about it, which has led out lot of false knowledge about diabetes, which people believe to be true. Here are the most common myths you should stop believing in right away –

Myth 1: There is only one type of diabetes

Truth: Scientifically speaking, there are two types of diabetes – type 1 which is an insulin deficiency in the body and type 2, where the body is resisting any insulin in the body. Do not consider both as the same.

Myth 2: The only reason for diabetes is consumption of too much sugar

Truth: Sugar is just one reason; there are other reasons like deficiency of insulin, improper flow of glucose to the body etc.

Myth 3: Diabetes is incurable, I cannot do anything about it

Truth: Diabetes is curable depending upon the stage at which it was diagnosed. Regular checkups, proper diet and exercises will help to reduce diabetes, avoid it and have a perfect balance over it.

Myth 4: Since I am obese, whatever I do, I will eventually develop diabetes

It is not a necessary development in obese people. Proper control over food, and regular exercises will not allow development of diabetes

Myth 5: I have to eat “special food”

Truth: Not needed at all. Just avoid heavily sugar coated items. However consumption of everything in small portions will not harm the body, provided your doctor approves of it.

By far, exercises are the most easiest and effective way to avoid diabetes. Intense and mild workouts on a regular basis will help the body to regulate glucose and insulin to all parts of the body, leading to a fit and healthy body. Depending on the type and stage of diabetes, consult your physician and follow a regularized regime for exercises to avoid diabetes or to reduce the intensity of it. Exercise to a healthy and fit life.

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