A Diet is the Best Way to Keep Diabetes at Bay

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A Diet is the Best Way to Keep Diabetes at Bay

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that is affecting a large population of the world. It has taken the form of a pandemic and needs intervention of the authorities. As per WHO statistics from November, 2014, almost three hundred and forty seven million people are suffering from this problem, worldwide. It is differentiated into three types – Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational.

About Type-2 Diabetes

Type 2 is most common among adults and is caused due to malfunctioning of the pancreas. Pancreas is responsible for excretion of a hormone called insulin that controls blood sugar at required levels. When the balance of insulin is disrupted, blood sugar levels increase causing damage to other parts of the body. Diabetes does not kill a person directly, but death may occur when vital organs of the body are impaired or stop working.

Controlling Diabetes with Proper Diet

Once diagnosed with diabetes, only significant lifestyle changes can help keeping it at bay and the most important change to be made is in diet. Doctors mostly refer their patients to nutritionists, who in turn guide them with a disciplined diet plan.

The most important rule for a diabetic is, regularity and controlled meals. Special attention should be paid on the type of food consumed. The aim is to keep insulin levels under control as it might get perked due to certain types of food item. The rule is very simple and can be followed by everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Glycemic index tells how fast a type of food is converted into sugar in the system. Since the function of insulin is impaired in the body, it is imperative for a diabetic to control the blood sugar level and this can easily be done by observing the glycemic index of the food consumed. All types of food can be classified into three types depending on their GI.

•    The first type is high on GI and includes highly refined carbohydrates that can be easily digested like white bread, white pasta, potatoes, rice, soda, etc. They are low in fiber and proteins spiking blood sugar levels constantly. This type of food items should be avoided by diabetics.

•    The second type is free from carbohydrates and includes green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits. These can be consumed as fillers without much to worry about.

•    The third and healthiest types are low on GI like whole grains, nuts, seeds, seafood, lean meat, etc. They are high in fiber and proteins and digested slowly, giving a full feeling for a longer duration.

Some simple steps, if observed while eating, can help diabetes patients lead a normal life and also increase longevity. Non-starchy vegetables and fruits should be made a part of regular diet, grains should be consumed in the least processed form, concentrated sweets should be limited, every meal should include a healthy protein like beans, fat consumed should be unsaturated type and most importantly, three meals should be eaten at regular intervals with one or two snacks in a day.

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