Can Diabetes be prevented altogether?

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Can Diabetes be prevented altogether?

With diabetes taking the form of a pandemic, governments need to actively participate in spreading awareness about it among the masses. Research programs are being conducted to find out ways of its prevention and cure. It is found to be a genetic disease mostly transferred from one generation to another.

People who have a family history with this disease are most likely to develop it, but it is not only genetically transferred. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are also common causes of the disease. Apart from these indiscipline, tobacco and alcohol abuse, irregular and unhealthy diet eventually cause irreversible changes in the body making it prone to a plethora of lifestyle diseases.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is the malfunction of the pancreas, due to which it is not able to produce insulin properly. Insulin regulates blood sugar level and keeps it from increasing. High levels of blood sugar can damage vital organs of the body and prevent them from functioning effectively. This disease can be classified into two types:

Type 1 – Production of insulin is deficient and is not known to be preventable. A daily dose of insulin has to be administered for proper functioning of the body.

Type 2 – Body does not make proper use of insulin produced in the body. It is controlled with the help of medicines and can be easily prevented by a following a disciplined lifestyle.

Some symptoms of type 2 are polyuria (excessive urine), polydipsia (excessive thirst), constant hunger, weight loss, fatigue, itchy groin, vision changes, swelling around the ankle, etc. These symptoms occur slowly and with low intensity in the beginning, making early diagnosis difficult. By the time symptoms appear, a lot of irreversible damage has already been done. It can be easily diagnosed and established by testing blood and urine. Therefore, people with a sedentary lifestyle should keep testing their blood sugar at regular intervals to rule out any possibilities of type 2.

Steps to Prevention Diabetes

Diabetes is known to be a lifestyle disease and this suggests that it can easily be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few pointers that guide you to a happy and healthy body:

•    Keeping a good food habit is the best way to prevent many diseases and increase longevity. Food should be consumed in three meals at regular intervals with one or two snacks in a day. It should include slow release carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and lots of vegetables and fruits rich in fiber. Keeping a watch on the glycemic Index of the food consumed is a good way to avoid harmful food.

•    Exercise must be included in the daily routine without any excuse. A twenty minute brisk walk in the morning can do wonders to your body without much difficulty. It is important to maintain body weight and body-mass index. Exercise helps in controlling weight and improves insulin sensitivity of the body

•    There are a few things that must be avoided as they adversely harm the body. Alcohol, tobacco, saturated fats, concentrated sweets and excess of anything should be completely.

•    Develop a hobby and engross yourself in it at least once a week. Such activity gives a boost to positive hormones in the body.

Following the above steps, you can not only avoid diabetes but as a whole stay problem free for a long time. Discipline is the secret to lead a happy, healthy and long life.

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