Healthy Woman for a healthy Generation

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Healthy Woman for a healthy Generation

Only a healthy woman can yield a healthy generation, so it is very important for a woman to take care of her health. In today’s world, because of the change in food habits, professional culture and personal stress, it is very tough for one to consume a healthy diet. This has led to various health problems like, Diabetes, Heart problems and Anemia. Only consumption of a nutritious diet can help prevent many diseases.

So, members of the family, kindly buy these nutritious foods for the lady in your family.


Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Dark Leafy Greens & Tomatoes are rich in Carotenoids. They help in preventing a few types of cancer. Also, they have the ability to provide healthy skin, bones and a strong immune function.

Foods rich in Omega 3

It is recommended that women include, the following foods in their daily meals, Meat and Dairy Products, Fish, Fats and Vegetable Oil, Olive oil, Rapeseed Oil and Flaxseed Oil. Intake of these foods in the right way can help cure joint pains, heart problems, breast cancer and stress. Also, it gives a glowing skin and good eyesight.

Dry figs

Dry figs are rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It has the same advantage of eating an apple. It is high in fiber level, thereby, lowering the risk for high cholesterol, heart disease and constipation. They also help in losing weight. It also has the ability to prevent breast cancer.


Oats possess most of the nutrients that is required for a woman. This has Manganese, Vitamin B1, zinc & protein. It helps to lower the cholesterol levels, cardiovascular problems, Immunity, to stabilize blood sugar. Also, it is rich in fiber level.

Make the lady of your family healthy and strong, by making her consume all these foods and in return have a happy & healthy generation.

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