Ear Infection in kids – Treatment & Precaution

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Ear Infection in kids – Treatment & Precaution

Ear infection is one of the common illnesses of a kid after cold or fever.  When a kid, complains of an earache, we immediately take them to the doctor and get an
antibiotic prescribed.  But, an ear infection is very common and can reappear again, if not cared properly.  But, if your child is prone to antibiotic once, then you
will have to repeat it the next time also, for a cure.  So, you may try these home remedies initially and try to get a cure without visiting a hospital.


Boil a clove in water, until it becomes soft and not squashy.  Place it on the ear, do not push it into the ear canal.  Cover it with gauze and tape it.  Make sure
that the garlic pod does not enter the ear canal.  This garlic has the capacity to draw the infection out.

Breast milk:

If you are breastfeeding, then you have the world’s best medicine on hand.  Pour a few drops – say 4 to 5 drops into the ear.  Place a cotton ball and tape it.  Breast Milk has the possibility to cure most infections.

Eucalyptus oil steam

If you kiddo is having a cold and ear infection together, then this steaming method will really be of help.  Boil some water and add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to
it and make you kid to inhale the vapor coming out of the steam.  This will is a natural remedy for cold too.

Whenever you take your child our before sunshine or after sunset, make sure that you cover the kids properly, starting with a monkey cap on the head (to cover the ears), with an over coat above the dress, pants, & socks for the feet.

Please note that if you realize that the ear infection is acute (severe) consult a doctor immediately.

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